Man made beast of burden

29/06/2018 K S 0

Human race used donkeys & other animals in past to carry burden of physical things. Over some period the society realized it also needed someone […]

How to escape abusive wife

29/06/2018 K S 0

Fleeing from abusive relation is not easy, it becomes more difficult if the abuser is female and victim is male. Nobody believes that a male […]

Vat Purnima By MRAs

29/06/2018 K S 0

Vat Purnima also called Vat Savitri is a celebration observed by married women in the Western Indian states of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa and some regions […]

Sowing seeds of men’s rights

25/06/2018 K S 0

Men have been facing biased treatment since ages and that practice still continues unabated till date, because negligible men are taking any conscious efforts to […]

Male victims of Adultery

25/06/2018 K S 0

In my quest of highlighting the bias against men in judiciary I am writing on IPC section 497 a law which highlights the biased nature […]

In India marry at own risk

21/06/2018 K S 0

Every man whether Indian, NRI or foreigner, planning to marry or date an Indian girl should read this before having anything to do with an […]

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