A country that does not care about men needs an overhaul

A country where only women are given privileges to complain about sexual assault, rape, harassment.

A country where men receive, more punishment than female counterparts for doing same crime.

A country where a mere accusation by a woman can ruin a man’s life.

A country where gender laws are specifically designed to benefit women. Education reforms are made to benefit women and be unfair to men and boys.

A country where a child mostly lives under the influence of women (maximum teachers being female).

A country where workplace harassment laws are made only to safeguard women.

A country where women only programs are massively promoted while men are made to feel guilty for being men by constantly calling them monsters and rapists.

A country where feminists tell men their only responsibility in life is to protect women and behave like they deem it right to make them feel comfortable.

A country where abuse of men is shared as humor.

A country where women are given freebies like tax sops, little to no fees while doing education, less life insurance premium.

A country where man must pay a woman after divorce even if the woman is a working one. And if the man gets a promotion at work, the alimony increases.

A country where a man has little to no rights over his own child because of gender biased family court laws.

A country where the guy is most likely to get screwed if the woman merely accuses his family of wrongdoing in a marriage, his whole family can get jailed.

A country which, for all issues of men, blames men and for all issues of the women, blames men.

A country where victim blaming of men is a MUST and mainstream.

If you are a male living in such a country, you must keep in mind you are not safe till the country gets an overhaul.


  1. Thats why it is said as Bharat MATA ki Jai and not Bharat Pita ke, when the country is named after MALE KING Bharat.
    Still, India is pointed out as Patriarchal ……. if it is true then Patriarchy is damn Biased, damn Pro-Women and damn Anti-Men.

  2. Beautiful depiction of today’s India, which is going further down a whirlpool due to its gender biased policies

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