Malendar 2022

So 2021 is coming to an end and still I don’t see Men’s day, Fathers Day, Boy’s day, etc. in the mainstream calendars. So the task I started in the year 2015 by creating a Malendar will have to be done once more. For the year 2022 I have again marked the important days related to men on this blog, also I have created a downloadable Malendar for 2022. At present I have just put in the months and the days that men need to watch for.

EventDate in 2022
Women’s day08-Mar-22
Husband appreciation day16-Apr-22
Boy’s day16-May-22
Mother’s day08-May-22
Men’s health week 13-Jun-22
Father’s Day19-Jun-22
Prostate cancer month01-Sep-22
Suicide Prevention Day10-Sep-22
Wife appreciation day18-Sep-22
World heart day29-Sep-22
Violence Against Men and Boys Awareness Month
Men’s Day19-Nov-22
Law Day26-Nov-22
Human rights day10-Dec-22

I would request my readers to follow these days, celebrate manhood and promote the celebration of days related to men and boys. Many corporations have acknowledged father’s day and Men’s day. But still these days related to men are missing in most of the calendars. So till the time these start popping up in the mainstream calendars, we can continue to follow the malendar created by me and other men’s NGO’s. Following is the link to download the pdf file of Malendar 2022.

January Malendar 2022
February Malendar 2022
March Malendar 2022
April Malendar 2022
May Malendar 2022
June Malendar 2022
July Malendar 2022
August Malendar 2022
September Malendar 2022
October Malendar 2022
November Malendar 2022
December Malendar 2022

Though I have also added other Indian festival days, but the main purpose is for the days related to men so other festival dates can be verified with the calendars like panchang etc.

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