Men choose NOTA this election

NOTA for men's rights
NOTA for men's rights

Political parties are trying to create a fake narrative that there is no option other than them. I have heard many people believing it too and the worse part is even some of the MRAs believe it. We need to be assertive that #NOTAisOption to shatter that myth. So share such tweets with all the politicians, political parties and general people too.  No one should be misled into believing that they have to choose between the devil and the deep sea only and there is no way out.

Men have options this elections apart from UPA and NDA. It is NOTA.

Keep in mind #NOTAisOption if you are not satisfied with either group because they have let down men.

Beware of those who claim that they are the only option. They are generally the worst option. So for men this election #NOTAisOption

Remember the feminists in US kept saying that Hillary is the only option. They were wrong by huge margin. So don’t choose the best among the worst. #NOTAisOption

Men remember that when no politician has anything to offer for Men’s rights, Men should also not offer them anything because #NOTAisOption

Even after 70 years of Independence if political parties don’t give men option to choose men’s rights then men should understand #NOTAisOption

Even with high rate of crime against men when no one is willing to talk of Men’s safety. Be ready to choose #NOTAisOption

For every welfare scheme for women when you don’t give option to me to opt out. Men will now choose NOTA as #NOTAisOption

When parties create manifesto keeping feminists in mind but without discussion with Men’s rights group you should choose NOTA as #NOTAisOption

When every Manifesto has neglected men it’s time to understand that it’s time to NOTA as #NOTAisOption

Men need to do more than ever before to get their rights back. But what do we need to do? Don’t choose from the anti men politicians. Choose NOTA as #NOTAisOption

Some Of The Most Frightening laws are created against men as men waste their vote on Antimen parties thinking there is no option. Better choose NOTA as #NOTAisOption

You have not lived as a man until you have done something assertive for Men’s Rights. Don’t choose from male hating hypocrites in election. Choose NOTA as #NOTAisOption

One promise has remained common in all the Manifestos since the past 70 years – Women rights women safety. Why not safety of men too? Because you didn’t choose NOTA #NOTAisOption

India’s men have decided to create truly equal society by voting out the biased politicians. They will choose NOTA #NOTAisOption

All bad things must come to an end, and that stands true for anti men politics too. Choose NOTA #NOTAisOption

What’s the quickest way to make a gender equal India? Just vote out male haters. Choose NOTA #NOTAisOption

The josh of exuberant male voters across India is high. They have decided to make #MenVote count! They will choose NOTA #NOTAisOption

With the concept of equality at its core, Men in India have decided to reject the Misandry mongering politicians out of power by choosing NOTA #NOTAisOption

Choosing NOTA frees us from choosing the least worst. So this election for men #NOTAisOption

it’s YOUR future. You’ve to choose between the male haters or rejecting Male haters. Choose wisely #NOTAisOption

This country will only have gender neutral laws, equal rights and safety for everyone only when male haters are thrown out of power. Choose NOTA #NOTAisOption

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