Men’s anthem

When you want things to be done or save your soul from someone.
By default, you think of men. By default, you think of men.
Be it a war or peace, men are the friend in need.

Men’s rights are human rights (x8)

From fire fighter to armies, from fishermen to the farmers.
From the depth of the oceans to the heights of space men have left their trace.
But in the hurry to help and in the worry of those they love.
Men were oblivious to the sufferings the fellow men face.
Men allowed the law to ignore and trample them.
The men forgot to look after themselves.
Men overlooked their pain.
Men let go of their basic rights in the name of safety for women.
In return all that men got was hate and neglect.

But this will happen no more. MRAs are here for sure.
Men have been living for others, now they will live for themselves.
To destroy the myths that male haters created.
To rise from the ashes of those devastated.
To improve the life expectancy of men.
To decrease the crimes against men.
The rise of men has begun.

Men’s rights are human rights (x8)

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