Misconception about Men looking at women

Image 1 : Staring eyes
Image 1 : Staring eyes

Feminists are just not able to accept the fact that Men look at women and Women look at Men but the intent, sexual or not cannot be made out from the eyes or face of a person. But When a woman claims the man looked at her sexually ( society believes) and When man claims women looked at her sexually ( society laughs)

Once a feminist was telling me about men not only look lustfully at women when women wear short skirts, tight T-shirt with deep cleavage, but also women who are totally covered in burqa/ habit. To justify her views she also showed me a photo of a man looking at a woman wearing Burqa. I ignored her as she was a typical male hater and only interested in spreading malice towards men. She never accepted anything that was not in line with her thinking, however logical the other person was.

Though for most of the women it’s about self praising an idea of achievement claiming to be the center of attention but disguised as complaint of being stared at.. But later I noticed that even men have fallen into the trap of bogus propaganda of feminists that men look at women only with sexual intent and they would look even a fully clothed woman with sexual intent. I firmly believe that if one believes that men look ( sexually ) at every woman including burqa/ habit clad women, that person has fallen in feminist trap.

By the definition of feminist

Looking at someone = Sexual urge

But such a prejudiced definition is as silly as believing that a woman pregnant with twins will take 18 months to deliver!

Ok, lets do some experiments / exercise to check the validity of such feminist claim.

  1. Try finding the intent (sexual or other) from the eyes from Image 1 at the top of the article. Try finding what is the feeling of that person and whether the person is looking at cleavage, butt, legs or any other body part of woman or something else. The answer is at the bottom of this article. If your answer is wrong, then accept that it is not possible to judge intention of a person by the way they are looking at anyone.
  2. Show the Image 2 below to feminists and ask them what is interesting about the photo? You will realise that they are so obsessed with women’s body that the majority of them will fail to notice the dog driving the car.

    Feminist won't see the dog driving the car
    Image 2: Feminist won’t see the dog driving the car
  3. If you are a male then, for a few days just count the number of females looking at, or glancing at you. Just try it when you are with anyone else or in public, while walking, traveling, standing, talking, etc etc. Every cursory look has to be counted every passing glance has to be counted, every female looking in your direction has to be counted. Just keep counting. After averaging the count, compare your count with any average female who complains about men looking at her. The difference won’t be large. Because most of us ignore glances, cursory looks as they actually don’t deserve any attention and cannot be lusting look. But the self proclaimed victims count each of them and they also add a multiplying factor just to exaggerate their claims. To give an example of exaggerations one of the Rohtak sisters claimed to have been molested 2000 times. Do note that she claimed to be molested 2000 times not even stared at. By that rate she had to be molested daily for the past 5 years and more. This exposes her falseness.

    Rohtak sister claimed to be molested 2000 times
    Image 3 : Rohtak sister claimed to be molested 2000 times
  4. If you are female, count the number of men you see every day. Just count them not searching for purpose, but count every male that comes in your line of sight. Now compare your count with any average female in similar settings who complains about men looking at her. The difference won’t be large because the self proclaimed victims consider their bodies to be the center of the universe and anybody facing their directions is counted as lusting for them irrespective of looking at them or someone else.
  5. Try surveying of how many men can get an erection looking at a Burqa/Habit clad women.

I am not denying the fact that women stare at men and vice versa, but don’t people look longer at the person who looks uncommon (eg. A Japanese in Canada is bound to be noticed  ) or if the person dresses  in a way just to seek attention. For example, look at the image below of two singers. Anyone dressing like the person on the right will get noticed for their looks if not for anything else.

All for attention
Image 4 : All for attention

There are two types of people who try to stand out from others to get attention.

1) There are attention seekers, those who act/dress/perform differently to attract attention, enjoy the attention and accept it positively.

2) There are attention suckers, those who do antique acts to suck attention, but they also claim that they don’t like the attention they get. They may fill silicone in their body to make it look extraordinary, they may apply colored chemicals onto their face and body to highlight it, they may wear weird clothes etc. and wait for attention. The moment somebody pays attention he is blamed for it, his reputation is destroyed and the attention sucker goes on to find next victim. In fact, I know a lady who is above 55 years of age, not at all attractive, by any standards, but still claims unwanted attention. One of her tricks is to wear a necklace with a pendant strategically placed at the start of the cleavage. The pendants chosen by her are highly attractive and shiny so that they reflect light and get attention. The moment a guy looks at her pendant he is damned and blamed for looking at her breast.  She reminds me of angler fish with a shiny tip to attract prey.

Angler fish
Image 5 : Angler fish


The emotions / feelings a person can have while watching another person are numerous some of them have been listed below

Anger  ,  Attractive  ,  Balanced  ,  Boring  ,  Capable  ,  Cold  ,  Confident  ,  Corrupt  ,  Cute  ,  Dashing  ,  Dependant  ,  Dignified  ,  Easygoing  ,  Egoistic  ,  Enthusiastic  ,  Focused  ,  Fortunate  ,  Godly  ,  Good-looking  ,  Grateful  ,  Handsome  ,  Happy  ,  Harsh  ,  Hateful  ,  Helpless  ,  Hot  ,  Inspiring , Intimidating  ,  Irritating  ,  Jealous  ,  Envious  ,  Jovial  ,  Love  ,  Loving  ,  Manipulative  ,  Mysterious  ,  Overconfident  ,  Overprotective  ,  Repulsive  ,  Respect  , Rooted  ,  Sad  ,  Scary  ,  Self-Actualised  ,  Selfish  ,  Sexy  ,  Smart  ,  Spiritual  ,  Talented  ,  Trustworthy  ,  Ugly  ,  Unimportant  ,  Virtuous  ,  Wise etc. etc. etc….

Feminist imagination is limited to lust. Their Intention is limited to maligning men
Image 6 : Feminist imagination is limited to lust. Their Intention is limited to maligning men

But ask a feminist what is the feeling that a man has when he is looking at some woman, the feminist will say lust. The problem is feminists cannot think beyond the sex and genitals of women.


Image by Tony Bustamante
Image 7 :   The image 1  of eyes is taken from this image by Tony Bustamante

Feminists are the bottom of the cesspool when it comes to logical inferences and they all man hate. Every action shows it that they do, and every ideological component is misandrist hate designed for weak minded Millennials who are forever victims, which those groups constantly preach with their intersectionality stupidity. That’s why none of those retards ever amount to anything. I mean the best of them write a book or run a YT channel.

My worry is not such attention suckers and male haters who blame men of objectifying and lusting for women, but my worry is people falling for their bogus propaganda and believing them to be true. I request to all my readers to analyse first and then believe any such claims. If possible bust the bogus claims too.

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