No confusion it’s NOTA in election


India’s Men’s Rights NGO’s are requesting people to keep pushing for NOTA as the existing parties have ignored men and men’s rights for years. Still, there are few confused souls who feel that NOTA will not help us. I request them to understand that this confusion will only weaken and delay the success of men’s rights movement. Indian men need to be united at this critical point of time The elections of 2019 should be turned into a milestone for MRAs.

Men need to push the boundaries and reach out to as many people as possible because voting for either ruling or opposition party and then talking about #MensRights is like supplying weapons to terrorists and expecting peace.

Just to explain my point, consider this:

At the time of slave liberation there were slaves who wanted to be liberated and giving the movement all that they could.

At the same time there were slaves who were having doubts on which master was less worse, the one that gave them 100 whips, a day and bad food or the other who gave them 99 whips and worse food (that too without the data of whip count).

Choosing between existing politicians who have chosen to ignore men and created more anti men provisions  etc is like trying to retain the worst master instead of pushing for liberation.

Instead of pushing the accelerator why are some pushing brakes is difficult to understand. Why this scare of NOTA. The politicians should be scared of NOTA not MRAs.

So let us make the 2019 Election a milestone for MRAs. Campaign hard for NOTA.


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