Privileges for women in India

The list of privileges women enjoy India that men do not:

  1. Cheaper tuition fees and more scholarships at government schools, colleges and universities.
  2. Free public transport in a lot of states.
  3. Less severe punishment than a man for committing the same crime.
  4. Ministry of women exists whereas no such ministry exists for men.
  5. Unemployed divorced women get alimony for life ie that is 50% of ex husband’s income.
  6. Under the Legal Services Authorities Act, female rape victims have the right to get free legal aid or help from the Legal Services Authority who has to arrange a lawyer for her.
  7. A woman cannot be arrested after sunset and before sunrise unless the crime is very severe like murder or something.
  8. Women have the right to register virtual complaints
  9. An Indian women can’t be booked for adultery only an Indian man can (rule no longer valid).
  10. Women only reservations in almost every government institution.
  11. Lower tax rates in some cases.
  12. Reserved seats in public transport.
  13. They can choose to work or be a housewife.
  14. Only men can be punished for rape and get sued. But rapist women are not punished.
  15. Government spending on women’s health is more than men’s health.
  16. Women can falsely accuse her in laws for dowry and get huge compensation.
  17. In India, men are treated guilty until proven innocent whereas women are treated innocent until proven guilty.
  18. Men are made to take up the most dangerous jobs
  19. In kindergarten, girl children are given 5 extra points than male children.
  20. Scholarship: If she is a single girl child, from school level (e.g. CBSE scholarship for single girl child) to post graduate level (Indira Gandhi Scholarship for Single Girl ) there are numerous lucrative scholarship. There are numerous state scholarship only meant for girls: lately West Bengal’s Kanyashree Prakalpa got good attention for being hailed by United Nation. It gives as much as one time 25,000 (and yearly 500) to girls from poor to middle income group. Moreover bicycle was given only to female students.
  21. Fees: Just an example:
  22. IIT JEE application fees for male: Rs. 2000 and for female: Rs. 1000 (General category)
  23. Train/Bus fare: Almost all states provides discrimination in long route bus fare. e.g. if a woman travels within the state of Himachal Pradesh, they get 25% concession. In inter-state transport, Rajastan State Transport provides a whooping 30% concession to female. Similarly in railways there are categorical advantages for female. Reserved seat (always the best seats in buses), smaller queue etc are some other advantages are there as well.
  24. Job Quota: There are increasing job quotas for women in several states. e.g. Punjab just announced a 33% quota for female in state government jobs.

In India inequality is at its peak and men are treated like subhumans.

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