This is what truth is

Male Privilege
Male Privilege

This blog is something I planned to write or present but could not find time Now done by someone else so I am happy to share I have also named this article from the name of the article whose link I share first on this blog “This is what truth looks like” It removes the gloss and shows the problems and the importance given by society to them. I had prepared a similar article a year back but sadly this site does not support that type of presentation files and hence it has not gone online (Hope the site admin is listening) and I did not have energy to again search those image compile and convert those files to be compatible to this site.

Six Reasons Why Men Are Avoiding Marriage, with Helen Smith

Video on how Men get used, abused and perish

Good video showing that Not Every Man is Bad, it’s all about the Mindset MUST WATCH & share

All Men Are Bastards – Short Film | What is your opinion on this video?

16 year old girl speaks out against misandry in family law courts

Social Media can mitigate Paid Media by such films that talk of equality not biased views propagated by hate mongers. One nice thing about this video is, it won a national completion on video for social cause.

The psychology that all men are bad needs to be changed as shown from this video on how society reacts differently for a same situation, when it occurs to different gender. This bias is what the criminal woman take advantage and get free benefits or to get away with abusing / committing crime against men

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