Viral post belittling men’s hardship got exposed big way.

An Indian Industrialist recently tweeted an image showing working men and women in a race and the women’s track was shown full of hurdles while track of men was shown clear of any obstacles. This was very demeaning as contribution of men for their home and family were completely ignored and familial responsibilities were shown as hurdles for women. In fact, the image completely overlooked the fact that most of the working women not even have those responsibilities as those are taken care by maids. Maybe some one noticed it and made a image showing the additional responsibilities that men handle and still are given no respite from the competition in career. In addition to that men also face the threat due anti men policies and fake cases by vengeful women.

Frankly speaking men don’t see those things as obstacles for success. Men search success to solve those things and have a good life. Men understand that they need to be financially successful just because of pure necessity. Men are useless if they aren’t successful.

It’s all about how you see the things in your path. If you see them as obstacles, you will have a bad and bitter experience. If you see them as problems to solve, you will solve them and have a “privileged” life or something that make it look that way. Success is not a finish line full of wealth. It is a path full of obstacles to solve and maybe you find some wealth in those moments until the next comes. Meanwhile, other people who have no idea, just see you as privileged. These people whose minds are not able to cope with pressure have developed all these horrible coping mechanisms. Their brains seek self-indulgence, self-vindication, entitling explanations, self-victimisation.  They’re like body contortionists when it comes to logic because they don’t know what it means to be objective, selfless, heroic or providing.

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