Every year thousands of men are burnt to death by woman most of them are cases of groom burning where wife burns her boyfriend/ fiancée/ husband. All such cases generally are closed by terming them as accident. I came across facebook page of a groom burning case where the parents of the groom were given cold shoulder instead of justice. The man Amit Garg was allegedly burnt alive by his wife and even after months no arrests have taken place.  Such victims of groom burning rarely get justice. This prompted me to write  blog on this evil practice.



The worst worse case of groom burning is of a lady Rajini Narayan who burned her husband Satish to death and didn’t even go to Jail!!! After dousing him with petrol she just gave excuse that she did not intend to burn him!! The judge willingly bought her excuse that she was trying to "circumcise and purify" her husband of his sin’s like done by a mythological character????   I doubt the competence of that judge as a lady was able to make a joke of the judicial system by getting away with murder.  And she is not the only one rather she has become the third so called battered wife in seven years to avoid jail for manslaughter.


Shriya Patel an Indian lady had set hubby Bimal Patel on fire. She was had affair with other person but had married Bimal just to make her boyfriend jealous and have a rich husband. She than cold-bloodedly planned his murder, she took a taxi on a spring morning in 2012, stopped at a gas station to fill a canister with petrol, and picked up candle-sticks, masking tape, and other supplies at a WalMart. Then she returned home, detached the smoke alarms, covered up the water sprinklers, and dousing her husband Bimal Patel with petrol, set the place on fire. Even after such gruesome act she did not get punished for murder by groom burning instead for arson!!

Marsih, An employee of Resort City Police Samarinda, East Kalimantan, poured by gasoline and burned her own husband. She suffered burns up to 60 percent. The act was done in front of the child victim. It was done by Sumantri just because he is reluctant to divorce from his wife. Similarly In 2004, Riverland woman Gwenda Elaine Savcic received a suspended three-year term for killing her husband, Mark. Savcic fatally stabbed her husband with a samurai sword after so called silently enduring 19 years of abuse at his hands! Justice Ted Mullighan ruled the stabbing – the first time Savcic had ever stood up to her husband – was an act of “excessive self-defense”. This clearly highlights the bias faced by men on account of the white knight syndrome prevalent in the society that victims of groom burning rarely get justice.   -


One striking case is that of Groom burning which happened to Mr. Harpal Singh (45). The couple stayed in Delhi. On the day of incident neighbors saw fire coming out of the couple’s house. When they went to inquire they found the gate locked and Mrs. Singh sitting outside along with her daughter. On questioning by police the daughter informed them that her mother had come out of the room and locked the door when her father was burning inside.


Another incidence of groom burning happened in Hyderabad, India. A 40-year-old housewife sent her children out of house when her husband was sleeping, after this she doused him in kerosene while he and set him ablaze at their house. The husband died on the spot after sustaining 90% burn injuries. The lady is absconding; Police have booked a case of murder against her.


Following is a translation of news of groom burning that appeared in Tamil Daily - Arunkumar (30) had married Mekala (25), the two had a son out of wedlock. He was employed at a workshop. A person called Harish who was known to Arunkumar used to visit him at his house. He got introduced to Mekala and that developed into an illicit relationship. The two shared intimate moments, when the husband was working at his workshop to provide for the family. When Arunkumar realized what has been going on behind his back he warned both his wife and her paramour. But after some days Arunkumar was admitted to a hospital with serious burn injuries all over the body. When police inquired, Arunkumar made a dying declaration that his wife and her Paramour had poured kerosene on him and set him ablaze!!


Maninder Singh was engaged to Kamaljit Kaur of Barapind Goraya, but she had later decided not to marry him. However, Maninder reportedly had some pictures of her with him, which could show her in poor light, and had reportedly been threatening to load these on internet if she would snap ties with him. On March 13, she called Maninder to her place. As he reached there in the night, Kamaljit, along with her parents and brother, hit him in the head. The victim was then put on a broken bed and after pouring kerosene oil on him, they put his body on fire. Even this gruesome was not reported as groom burning. While if a girl had died even by accidental burning the whole media house would have termed it as bride burning.

Tatanysha Hedman burnt her husband Vincent Phillips. He had been doused in gasoline while he slept in bed by her than put on fire. In investigation the monster woman said she burned the man because shooting him "was too nice.


It’s not just the young ladies who resort to groom burning. Even the elderly women are finding this method easy to dispose off their husband, so that they can later escape the law by claiming it to be accident and also get sympathy as a victim who lost her husband at this stage of life.  In fact men often believe that their wife will still be beside them even when no one else will take care of them but that is not always true as happened with Paul Carter, aged 62 remains hospitalized in Santa Ana, where he is recuperating from second- and third-degree burns suffered when his wife June Carter, aged 69, flung a small amount of rubbing alcohol on him and a lighted match just because he had her candy. Asked why he hadn't complained to anyone about the incident, Biskar said Paul Carter told police: "I didn't want to tell anybody because she's the only one who will take care of me."

Woman sometimes do not want their husband to be free and happy even after divorcing them. They go all out to destroy life of their ex husband like Sakura Suda who deliberately set fire to her estranged husband Kenji in his townhouse at Runcorn on Brisbane's southside.


Very few victims of groom burning actually survive the order and live to tell about it like Mr. Andrew Lyle. His wife Karen Lyle, 50, searched the internet for 'ways to poison somebody' before secretly administering a strong anti-depressant to him. She waited until Mr. Lyle, 47, became drowsy and fell asleep on their bed - and then continued with her plot to murder him. Mr Lyle was treated at Queen Alexandra Hospital and later airlifted to the burns unit at Salisbury hospital, where he was treated for significant injuries.


A woman Mauvette Mattadeen, in New Jersey, threw hot cooking oil on her husband and chased him with a hand axe around their home after he asked for a divorce, is now headed to prison. The 43-year-old Franklin Township resident could have received a longer prison term. But the judge gave her a lesser sentence, citing her history of domestic violence by males "who were authority figures in her life." How illogical is that to give a light sentence to a lady just because she claims abuse? Will a man be given lighter sentence if he claims abuse by women? Such kind of judges make me lose faith in judiciary as a means of getting justice to victims of groom burning -

On the other side If wife dies within 7 years of marriage for any reason the same termed as Dowry death in India and Husband, his mother/sisters also send behind the bar without any investigation, but when a married men commit suicide or are burnt by woman, the same not termed as groom burning or reverse dowry death. Nobody holds wife responsible.


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