Celebrating Men

Celebrating Men

06/06/2020 K S 0

Tia : I think we should only celebrate Women’s day. We do not require Men’s day as only women can give rise to new life. […]

Oppression of Women

Oppression of Women

04/06/2020 K S 0

Tia: Some students who got high scores, but could not get admission to the college are demanding cancellation of seat reservation and special grants given […]

Gender ratio by country for total population

Stop Male and Female foeticide

17/05/2020 K S 0

There’s huge discussion forced by western media on eastern countries about balancing the female to male gender ratio of their country. Female feticide is one […]

Domestic Violence on men in Asian Paint Ad

Asian Paints Misandric Ad

12/05/2020 K S 0

Around the month of Feb 2020 an Indian Company Asian Paints released an ad which showed a wife being aggressive towards her husband in a […]

Love under condition

Love under condition

11/05/2020 K S 0

Choo : Why do parents insist that boys work hard and earn for their family? Chang : Women, Children and Dogs are loved unconditionally. A […]

The independent woman

Independent Woman

03/05/2020 K S 0

Tia : Hey Ria, Women are now showing they are independent by refusing to use the surname of Husband. What do you think about it? […]