Celebrating birthday without cake cutting

I wanted to avoid the cake cutting during birthday and looking for a healthier option and so I tried to find how people celebrated birthday otherwise. There are many ways people celebrate birthdays in various countries that do not necessarily involve cake cutting. Here are some examples:

  1. India: In some parts of India, people celebrate birthdays by fasting on that day, and breaking the fast in the evening with a special meal. In other parts of India, people celebrate by performing a puja, or a prayer ceremony, in honor of the birthday person.
  2. Japan: In Japan, people traditionally celebrate birthdays by eating a type of sweet called “omochi” or “mochi” which is a sticky rice cake. This is often accompanied by a cup of green tea.
  3. Mexico: In Mexico, people celebrate birthdays with a piñata filled with candy and toys. The piñata is hung up, and the birthday person is blindfolded and given a stick to try and break it open.
  4. Vietnam: In Vietnam, people celebrate birthdays with a special soup called “pho” which is made with beef or chicken and rice noodles. This is often accompanied by a bowl of fruit.
  5. Russia: In Russia, people celebrate birthdays by giving the birthday person a small present or a bouquet of flowers. They also often sing a song called “Happy Birthday” in Russian.
  6. South Africa: In South Africa, people celebrate birthdays by throwing a “braai” or barbecue party with friends and family. They cook meat and vegetables on the grill and enjoy a festive atmosphere.
  7. Ethiopia: In Ethiopia, people celebrate birthdays by serving a traditional dish called “injera,” which is a type of sourdough bread made from teff flour. This is often accompanied by a spicy meat or vegetable stew.

These are just a few examples of how people celebrate birthdays in different countries without necessarily cutting a cake.

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