Child/ Currency – book review

Child currency by Ketan Bhagat

Child/ Currency book by Ketan Bhagat is a refreshing change from the run of the mill plots found in today’s books.

This book is also not about any girl who faced an uphill climb to success and still succeeded against all odds though unsupported by the society at large.

The book is not about the journey of a hero who meets a beautiful heroine, falls in love with her, protects her and wards off all the problems that come across in his life. Liberates the society from tyranny of the villains then unites with his love and lives happily ever after with her. The story actually starts after the “Happily ever after” milestone of life called Marriage.

You will love this book for presenting the real picture of fathers and their love for their child. A fathers love by default is missing from the stories , poems , painting and all other creative work. But this book revolves around a father’s love for his child.

This book child /currency is a must buy because it is so relatable and takes you through the journey of what many men go through after dreams meet reality, after the honeymoon ends. The life that was expected to be a smooth sailing marriage is a roller coaster sometimes exhilarating, sometimes scary, at times going up, sometimes down and even Topsy turvy but the joystick is in someone else’s hand. Life post marriage has moments that are good to be cherished for a lifetime and also moments you never wanted to occur. 

Another thing that makes the book stand out is that it nicely portrays the shifting goal post that men are not aware beforehand. The notion that their current achievements that attracted their woman, will be good enough for life is shattered and they realise what was a great achievement for their woman at the time of courtship and marriage, may not be noteworthy after some years. A husband’s targets can be much steeper than that given during the appraisal in office.

People who themselves or their loved ones have seen the surprises men get in real life at Courts and police stations will agree that the reality is interestingly presented by Ketan Bhagat and it is so much different from the theatrics of the regular fictional books and movies. 

The author has put in a good amount of effort to understand the subject. He has presented a very good mix of facts and fiction that keeps the reader engrossed in the book and the topic he has touched upon. Anyone aware about the issue will definitely relate to it. Even the cover of the book makes a lot of sense once you complete reading it. One of the lines of the book that may really echo with the current, generation is “Today’s women may or may not have an idea of their own responsibilities,  but they are well – versed with your, responsibilities towards them”

Overall a must read for all the men and those who love men in their family and friends. This book Child/ Currency by Ketan Bhagat is available on the Amazon website.

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