Monster woman

24/03/2020 K S 0

Femmenazis or Monster women have an inherent hatred towards men and they stop at nothing to cause pain and suffering to males who are around […]

No help for Raped Men

24/03/2020 K S 0

India needs to amend many of its biased laws to gender neutral laws as they prevent the access to justice for one gender or the […]

Domestic Violence on Men

24/03/2020 K S 0

Domestic Violence across the world is also one of the biased laws where the woman can get her in-laws in jail for domestic violence, but […]

Hamay chaahiye Purush adhikaar

05/04/2019 K S 0

जानवरों और पौधों की तुलना में पुरुषों के मानव अधिकारों की उपेक्षा की जाती है। इसलिए  हमें चाहिए   पुरुष अधिकार। पुरुष अधिकार    पुरुष अधिकार। इससे  […]

Ghar Ghar Nari

22/09/2018 K S 0

घर – घर नारी , घर – घर केस । जिसकी लाठी , उसकी भैंस ।। लुटेरी दुल्हन ,का धर लो भेष । जितनी मर्ज़ी […]

Misandry Busters 2

14/09/2018 K S 0 Chennai: Mother kills two kids, elopes with lover After 28 years, Supreme Court acquits 2 of gang rape | India News – Times […]

Men are bonded labor slaves

06/09/2018 K S 0

Since ages humans in power try to seek subjugation of the powerless and dis-empowerment of weaker ones. One of the forms that this tendency becomes […]

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