Men’s rights needed to eliminate the misandry

Men’s rights activists are urgently needed to eliminate the misandry and all the bias against men, right from from minor to the life threatening ones.

Bias in health

Physical Health

  1. Women live, on average 5 years longer than men around the world (WHO, 2019)
  2. Women are 60% less likely to die from cancer (WebMD, 2011)
  3. Women are 50% less likely to die from coronavirus (Bwire, 2020)
  4. Women’s health receives four times as much funding as men’s health
  5. Women have less chronic illnesses than men (Harvard Medical School, 2019)
  6. Women go to the hospital more often than men (, 2018)
  7. Women are less likely to be addicted to alcohol than men (cdc, 2020)
  8. Women are much less likely to be have our genitals mutilated than men (WHO, 2020)
  9. Women survive famine and epidemics more than men (Zarulli et al., 2018)
  10. Women with atypical sexuality are less pathologized than men (Fuss, Briken, Klein 2018)

Bias in Mental Health

11) Men commit suicide 3 to 4 as much as women (Statista, 2021)

12) Men have more suicidal intent (Harriss, Hawton & Zahl, 2018)

13) Women are twice as likely to receive therapy as men (Hawkins, 2017)

14) Women make up less than 22% of suicide victims in Kenya

Bias among victims of violence

15) Men are more likely to be victims of violence than women

16) Men are 3 to 4 times are likely to be murdered than women,to%20be%20killed%20than%20women.

17) Men are 22 times more likely than women to be killed by the police

18) Men are 40+% of victims of domestic violence,

yet less than 1% of shelters are for men

19) Half of rape victims are male,

yet almost no resources exist for them

20) Women make up less than 25% of all war deaths (PRIO paper, 2009)

21) Girls are less likely to be victims of physical assault than boys (, 2014)

22) Women are less likely to be victims of robberies and assault (BJS, 1987)

23) People rated violence against women much more serious than male-on-male violence (Felson & Feld, 2009)

24) People are more likely to call the police when a man hits a woman, especially his wife, than when the genders are reversed (Felson & Feld, 2009)

25) Women are less likely to be victims of hate crimes

Bias in the law

26) Women make up less than 10% of prisoners,of%20prisoners%20across%20the%20world

27) Women make up less than 5% of people serving life in prisons

28) Women are only 2% of those executed in the USA

29) Women are twice as likely as men to avoid incarceration if convicted (Sonja Starr, 2012)

30) Men get 63% longer prison sentences than women for the same crime (Sonja Starr, 2012)

31) Women are more likely to be released before their trial than men Spohn and Spears (1997)

32) Women are more likely to get off with a warning than men (Sonja Starr, 2012)

33) Women are more likely to get bail than a man (Sonja Starr, 2012)

34) Women are more likely to be acquitted than men (Sonja Starr, 2012)

35) Women who killed their husbands get shorter prison sentences, of about 10 years, than men who kill their wives (Sonja Starr, 2012)

36) Women are more likely than men to have all charges against them dropped (Cassia & Spears, 2008)

37) Rape and sexual assault of women is illegal in almost every country in the world, but rape of men isn’t.

38) Less than 3% of organizations that acknowledge rape as a weapon of war offer services to men (DelZotto & Jones, 2002)

39) Women are ten times less likely than men to be raped in prison (Stemple & Meyer, 2014)

40) Women make up only 6.7% of prisoners in Kenya (wpb, 2019)

Womens’ prisons vs. mens’ prisons

41) Womens’ prisons are usually less than 10% of all correctional facilities

42) Womens’ prisons are lower security and have less barbed wire and tall walls.

43) Women’s prisons are like college campuses and gave cottages rather than cell blocks

44) Female prisons are much less restricted and lower security than male ones’s%20and%20women’s%20prisons%20is%20security%20level.&text=Women’s%20prisons%20are%20typically%20less,tend%20to%20have%20more%20freedom.

Bias in distribution of welfare and spending

45) Men are responsible for earning for the family but it’s the women who make up 70 to 80% of all consumer spending

46) Women receive the majority of welfare

47) Poorer women are less likely to remain in poverty than poorer men (Chetty et al. 2018,)

48) *Women accounted for 85% of all consumer spending (*Yankelovich Monitor & Greenfield Online))

49) Women account for 93% for all food purchases, 91% of homes, 65% cars, and 92% of vacations.

50) Women are 30% more likely to be chosen than men when looking for a house after emailing a landlord/agent (Flage, 2018)

Bias in employment

51) Women make up only 7% of work related deaths

52) Poorer women are more likely to be in paid employment than poorer men (Chetty et al. 2018,)

53) Women work 5-12 less hours per week than men

54) Women take more sick days than men…-,New%20research%20has%20found%20that%20women%20are%20taking%20more%20sick,sick%20during%20their%20career%20life.

55) Women are less likely to do the most dangerous jobs

56) Women are more likely to be part time workers than men (56% vs 29% in the UK)

57) Women make up 1% of female construction workers in Qatar, where conditions are poor (Fottrell, 2015)

58) Women make up very few of construction workers in Dubai, where conditions are poor (Jaafari, 2014)

59) Women make up less than half of foreign workers in Bahrain, where conditions are poor

60) Maternity leave is longer than paternity leave

61) Women are only 40% of forced labor victims (ILO. Global Estimate of Forced Labour: Results and Methodology. Geneva: International Labour Organization (ILO); 2012)

Bias in education


62) Girls are less likely to be punished at school than boys

63) Girls make up around 20% paddled at school (hrw, 2020)

Boys are subjected to corporal punishment at much higher rates than girls: nationwide, boys make up 78.3 percent of those paddled, while girls make up 21.7 percent.320 Boys are paddled more than girls in all states that use corporal punishment. For instance, in Mississippi, 74.2 percent of those paddled in schools are boys, while in Texas, 78.7 percent of those paddled are boys.321

One high school teacher suggested one possible reason for the gender disparity in paddling, noting that at her school it was common practice to “stay away from hitting the girls. I guess they’re more fragile, and a lot of them could be pregnant and we wouldn’t know it.”322 A father of two boys and a girl felt that it was more acceptable for boys to be paddled than girls. He explained, “My little girl—don’t you put your hands on her…. As far as my boys, I am super hard on them. For one, they are young black men and they are faced with different obstacles in life. I get on them every day, and I know they say, ‘Man, my dad is tough.’”323

Many interviewees reported that boys were beaten more harshly than girls. A middle school boy in Mississippi observed that one of his teachers “paddle the boys real hard and when he paddle the girls he don’t really hit them.”324 One student reported that there are smaller paddles for girls: “They use a short one for girls and a long one for the boys.”325 One middle school student, however, told us that “[s]ome girls that act fast like they’re gay or something … they’ll get hit real hard. When they be trying to feel other girls.”326

64) Girls post better grades than boys at school

65) Girls are twice less likely to have learning disorders than boys (Abdullah, 2018)


66) In several countries, women are more likely to graduate university than men

Bias in quality of life

67) Women are happier than men (ONS, 2018)

68) Women vacation more than men (Stoller, 2013)

69) Women sleep more than men

70) Women retire earlier than men,just%20in%20the%20United%20States.

71) Women’s years in retirement are double that of men

72) Women qualify for retirement earlier

73) Girls are punished less harshly than boys (Lytton and Romney, 1991)

74) Mothers day is celebrated more than father’s day’s%20Day%20had%20a%20much%20slower%20beginning.&text=The%20National%20Retail%20Federation%20(NRF,do%20the%20same%20for%20dad.

75) Women have more social support than men,they%20care%20about%20%5B28%5D.

76) Women are more advantaged than men in 91 out of 134 countries

Bias in war and war like situations

77) Women never had to go to war

78) Men had to do much more dangerous work than women

79) Less women than men were slaves

80) Since surveys on happiness were conducted, women have always been happier than men.

81) Women were less likely than men to be crucified, impaled, gaunched, and subjected to scaphism

82) Less women than men died during the holocaust

83) In 1790s England, less women than men were whipped (Devereaux, 2005)

84) Women could not be hung, drawn and quartered

85) The Treason Act of 1790 banned women from being burned alive but men could still be drawn and quartered until the 1800s

86) Men in Sparta had to attend the agoge which was much harsher than girls’ education

87) More men than women died in the Armenian genocide (Adalian, 1991)

88) Even during the witchcraft era, women were only 10% of people executed (Behringer, p. 143)

89) Most victims of gendercide are male

90) Men were 95% of those in debtors prisons

91) The law was always more harsh to men than women

Although Srebrenica had been designated a U.N. “safe area” three months earlier, “[t]housands of men and boys as young as 10 were rounded up and murdered … Serbian TV footage shows woman and children being separated from the men and put on buses” [5]. The busses were searched to make sure men weren’t on them [6]. According to the BBC, 23,000 women and children were allowed to leave while men aged 12-77 were taken “for interrogation”—two days later, reports of massacres started to emerge [7]. The “five-day orgy of slaughter” included 60 truckloads of male refugees being “taken from Srebrenica to execution sites where they were bound, blindfolded, and shot with automatic rifles”, and other victims being “hunted down like dogs and slaughtered” and pushed into mass graves with industrial bulldozers. It was described by a war-crimes tribunal as “truly scenes from hell written on the darkest pages of human history” [5].

Bias in people’s perception

92) Participants of both genders were more empathetic to girls than boys, and while boys were more empathetic to other boys from ages 6 to 7, their same-sex empathy decreased and their empathy for girls increased (Stuijfzand et al. 2016)

93) People are a third more likely to report violence when the victim is a woman, especially when the perpetrator is a male (Felson, 2009)

94) In an experiment, people, especially male participants, were less likely to shocks to women than men (Taylor & Epstein, 1967)

95) People react more angrily when a husband hits his wife, than when a gay man hits his husband (Harris & Cook, 1994)

96) People rate a man hitting a woman worse than other situations (Harris, 1991)

97) Criminals who committed violence against women receive harsher sentencing (Beaulieu & Messner, 2008)

98) Police were less likely to arrest a woman hitting her male partner than other gender combinations (Felson and Pare, 2007)

99) According to the moral machine experiment, women were more likely to be spared than men. Both males and females were more likely to spare females (Awad et al.,)

100) 75%-80% of adoptive parents prefer girls (newbeginningsadoptions, 2016)

101) Both men and women had a better perception of women

Other bias

102) Men are 70% of the homeless population (, 2018)

103) Women and girls are less than 12% of the homeless in Kenya (Gathura, 2020)

104) There are more boys than girls in foster care (datacenter, 2019)

105) In the top ten countries with the highest GDPs, 8 out of 10 had more women than men

106) Nine out of ten street children in Kenya are male (Onyango, Suda, and Orwa, 1991)

107) Depictions of women sell more than depictions of men (Tarmy, 2016)

108) There are only nine countries with compulsory military services for women, but over 65 with compulsory service for males

109) Less women than men are used in medical trials (Westervelt, 2015)

110) Women and children are saved first through the Birkenhead Drill, and happened as late as 2011

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