The unpaid work of Men

27/02/2021 M K 2

Vaastav Foundation” (NGO Fighting for Men’s Rights, Dignity and Honor), had conducted an online survey during the first week of March 2021 under the theme […]

Men are bonded labor slaves

06/09/2018 K S 0

Since ages humans in power try to seek subjugation of the powerless and dis-empowerment of weaker ones. One of the forms that this tendency becomes […]

What is IrBM law

What is IrBM Law

28/07/2018 K S 0

(For those coming back to this page for latest on IrBM law. The latest news is, this marriage bill presented by Congress government in Rajya […]

Man made beast of burden

Man made beast of burden

29/06/2018 K S 0

Human race used donkeys & other animals in past to carry burden of physical things. Over some period the society realized it also needed someone […]

In India marry at own risk

21/06/2018 K S 0

Every man whether Indian, NRI or foreigner, planning to marry or date an Indian girl should read this before having anything to do with an […]