Biased Laws by biased lawmakers

More than 66% of respondents to a recent survey says laws for the protection of women is misused. It was found that 63.8% of the men who were surveyed felt threatened and, on the other hand, 53.7% of women said that men feet threatened by such laws. More than 64% of respondents felt that women too must be convicted under such laws. The survey brings out the need for forums and cells to address cases of discrimination against men. Men have NO laws for their protection. Women who file false cases go Scott free as Indian courts do not take Suo Moto action. Feminists have agreed that women’s are misusing laws and men suicide is doubled as compared to women. But nobody or GOI is listening to this and nor taking any action against it.

96% of women are liars. NINETEEN out of 20 women admit lying to their partners or husbands, a survey on attitudes to truth and relationships has found.

Rape charges by married women need harsher scrutiny: HC. Why only for a married woman? Scrutiny in testimony should be for all rape charges filed by a married or a non-married woman. Nowadays many cases are being reported of rape, sexual harassment etc. in some cases, there is a long gap between the alleged misdeed and the report. No satisfactory explanation might be offered in several of these. In all cases of whether of a virgin or non-virgin, if there is a long gap between the alleged incident and the report date, it becomes very difficult to establish whose is lying, hence, the investigation has to be more thorough leaving no doubt about the guilt or otherwise.

A woman filed a sexual harassment case on her boss after seven years of relationship, the police immediately came in action, registered a case and arrested the man. Now the question arises, what she was doing for 7 long years?  If the girl records protests after 7-years, how credible will the protest be? She enjoyed the consensual relationship and when it turned sour, she filed harassment and rape case. The complaint only gives a lead to a doubt that either she wants some compensation from the man, or she wants him to take her as a life partner.

An estranged husband must pay home EMIs. by not paying EMIs on a home loan, a man was denying his wife the right to reside in her house. The court says as the man is sole breadwinner he is responsible to pay the EMIs even though he has been thrown out of the house by his wife.

Laws are so heavily loaded against men and it is always assumed that it is the men’s fault for the relationship to fall apart.

SC bench headed by new CJI slams decision of just-retired CJI Kabir. We need a judiciary liability bill to prevent malpractice in the judiciary. This ex-CJI Kabir also went and stood with Delhi rape protestors. such an act by sitting CJI sends wrong signals to accuse in that case as well as so many other false cases. The accuse get the impression that CJI is prejudiced against accused in “crime against women” cases. Given that India has 60% to 90% false cases filed every year such act by then sitting CJI has far-reaching consequences.

Seeking VVIP status lands Delhi CBI judge in hot water. The judge desired for escort and pilot vehicles and VVIP security for his 9-day private visit to his ancestral village. “Misuse of Power”.

The hypocrisy of LAW makers witness in another amended in the name of HINDU SUCCESSION (AMENDMENT) BILL, 2013 By ANURAG SINGH THAKUR, M.P.

A women’s self-acquired Property/assets (movable + immovable) in absence of Husband’s/child, it should go to women’s Parents only not to Husband’s Family heirs, means whatever assets (movable + immovable) in her name let it be she earned from husband or husband’s family, but it will go to her parental heirs only.

PIL questions immediate arrests in dowry harassment cases. Since the offences are non-bailable, some guidelines must be issued to see that no husband or his relatives are arrested on false complaints.

Man beheads wife; walks on the road with her head. It’s time society understand the mental stage of people getting into such an act. What made the man take such a drastic step.

Are Separation and Divorce Becoming the New Relationship Trend?

Are Women Misusing Laws Meant For Their Protection? From Section 498a To Rohtak Sisters-An Analysis.

Denied Promotion in Own School, 11-Year-Old Girl to Study in All-Boys School! Can we do the same thing for a boy child? Can he be shifted to all-girls-school? When it comes to taking advantage of a situation Feminists boasts Women empowerment and Equality but when equality in real sense they show their real face.

10 famous women who reject feminism or its label and support men. Why this is a growing trend. Why many feminists are trying to force “feminism” politically and legally.

                He just compared life with women to prison.

Feminist opposing rape law to be gender-neutral! Do they want women rapist to get away with it? Making the law gender-neutral is nothing to do with the development of women. But the real fact is that it will empower the men to act against the women. This is the real headache of women activities, they can’t tolerate a man being legally powerful as much as a woman.

53% of rape cases are false: Delhi Commission of Women. Unfortunately, yet there is no steps/action taken by the commission or by the government. Men, the highest contributor in the economy is been graded as a third-grade citizen and are trapped fighting false cases life-long.

Delhi Commission for Women concerned with the rise of false rape charges. Some women are using this as a tool as a business to extort vulnerable men, the kind of cases that generally turn out to be false are mostly filed by live-in partners, people who want to settle personal scores matters, those who want to implicate their in-laws in cases. According to DCW member and member in-charge Rape Crisis Cell “In many cases, the complainant turns hostile, and revenge or extortion of money emerges to be the most common reason for filing a false complaint,”

London’s sex workers have won a legal challenge against a police decision that prohibited them from attending to clients in their residential apartments. Clearly shows that women also do prostitution as the preferred choice and are not always trafficked as proclaimed by a feminist.

People should Use this Justice Ganguly and Justice Thakur Judgement to free India from Police Corruption. It is a violation of fundamental right Art. 14 if Police do not carry fair investigation. If you suspect police officer of making dishonest investigation, go to the magistrate. It is the duty of courts in India to order an investigation by a higher officer.

40% in jails are poor trapped by false pieces of evidence and hundreds of murderers are acquitted?

Ranchi girl dies during sex. According to police, they were boyfriend and girlfriend from last 5-years and both mutually agreed to take their relationship farther. The girl had her consent for having sex with her boyfriend; still, the police filed a case of rape and murder against the boy.

When the relationship and intercourse are consensual how it can be termed as rape?  It is Against The Law To arrest and book a Boy on Rape for a Consensual SEX in India.

Article on Judiciary into the Darkness.

An eye-opening article on how corrupt the judicial system is. Delhi’s bribe meter: Rs 10-1L.

12 lakh to Judge for bail. N they want Judges to decide property division in IRBM. “If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so.” ~Thomas.

Real killer scot-free, hubby booked. After a woman died because of a dangerous pothole, cops charge the grieving husband with negligent riding. This is similar to the truth of laws like IPC 304b that considers the husband responsible for the death of wife irrespective of the cause.

Good observation by the court. Call exonerated rape accused as a survivor. Acquitting a man accused of false rape files by a married woman, the court said he can’t be compensated for the humiliation, misery, distress and monetary loss. However, his acquittal may give him solace.

But again, failed to punish the woman filing false cases wasting court time and ruining the life of an innocent man.

A litigant need not have to suffer for lawyer’s false submission, says HC. A good lesson to learn, it is important to know and understand what documents the lawyers are submitting in court, aby false submission or omission may cost the client to lose his/her case.

Microsoft is the latest tech firm to be accused of gender discrimination. The company was hit with a class-action lawsuit in a federal court in Washington state.

This is a result of drafting too many laws in favour of women. Feminists Group/Women NGO’s keep coming up with such kind of baseless propaganda. It’s high time to curtail such incidents and to form #GenderNeutralLaws.

Innocent man, jailed for 20 years, suing forensic experts. Bennie Starks was released from prison in 2006, after being locked up for 20 years for a crime he never committed. He is now suing the forensic experts who falsely testified against him in a case of sexual assault.

British Airways compensates man ‘humiliated’ over child seat policy. The man complained of being treated like a “child molester” when sitting next to a boy.

Some myth busters for those who refuse to acknowledge the fact that men can be abused.

A good ruling from the Central Information Commission: Spouse not a third party if marriage subsists. The people who are fighting with RTI officials in getting the wife’s ITR details, PF details or any other financial details will rejoice to hear that their RTI’s won’t be rejected based on “Third Party Information”. Because the Central Information Commission has ruled that if the marriage between the spouse is subsisting then the information of the spouse won’t be the THIRD PARTY.

Judge defrauding the defrauded: Justice Susan Crennan.

Very Good Judgement: Bombay high court tells the mother to develop a bond with son before seeking custody.

Delhi court denied maintenance to a wife for lying about her government job as a teacher and putting in an application to enhance her maintenance. A good order but no perjury case against the woman; Courts should now by themselves order for Perjury in such cases avoiding further harassment to the men and making it a norm.

Pathetic order: When the woman herself claims that her husband is not the biological father of her children then why the court has to be a hurdle in getting a divorce.

The excuse, DNA cannot be used as a shortcut to proving the adultery a woman may have committed decades ago. The court is concerned about the reputation of grown-up children, but what about the man how he can live the rest of his life with adulterous wife and the children of whom he is not the biological father.

Courts should not pass unreasoned orders; SC sets aside Family Court order on awarding Rs 15 Lakhs Alimony to Wife Without Any Basis. The Supreme Court has reiterated that courts should not pass cryptic, unreasoned orders which do not contain factual narration of the case or discussion, appreciation, reasoning and findings on material issues.

Rajya Sabha Chairman rejects impeachment motion against CJI Dipak Misra citing “lack of substantial merit”. The Congress slammed the decision and said the fight is between forces “rejecting democracy” and voices “rescuing democracy”.

Pay Rs 2 lakh relief to a man sent to a mental hospital by a judge for losing temper. Delhi HC. A high court rarely apologises. A 71-year-old man has to spend 20 days in a mental hospital on the order of a judge because he lost his temper over the slow pace of case hearing.

Wife Not an Object, Husband Can’t Force Her to Live With Him: Supreme Court. Then why is it a man primarily responsible for maintaining his wife. Why force the man to pay alimony, maintain wife and child – why the choice is not been given to a man to choose whom he wants to pay and whom he doesn’t want to?

No illegality in the filing of divorce plea via PoA: HC. When it is a woman, everything is allowed for her but when a man requests, he has to follow all the rules and laws.

Accused ‘Rapists’ were stripped and forced to walk the streets with their arms tied behind their backs. Locals are increasingly humiliating accused rapists before handing them in. Others have met worse fates like two who were killed in the town marketplace.

What the local police and judiciary is doing about this? Why are they silent on such crime, the two men were accused of rape and not rapists. As per the law, every accused is innocent unless proven guilty.

The local villagers took the law in their hand and the police and other judicial body kept their mum. Men in India are not safe.

Women NGO / NCW / Political Party / Government tries to be Hero and Messiah for women victim. Politicians have yielded to public outrage by allowing a juvenile aged 16, charged with committing a heinous crime, to be treated as an adult. The new Act ignores the reality of juvenile crime and disempowers the most vulnerable section of our society. Strangely this law is also not genderneutral and is biased against boys –

Juvenile crime share static: Govt’s data contradicts Maneka Gandhi’s claim

Even Juveniles are not spared by the feminist group, one rare case and the entire feminist team wants the law to be changed. Difficult times for Men in India

                Lawmakers kill bills meant to protect the rights of accused male students.

                Australian Human Rights Commission could not care less about the welfare of men and boys

                Australian court rules that consent for sex obtained by fraud constitutes rape

Australian state plans to violate sperm donor anonymity. Donor children will be able to track down biological fathers and sue them for support/inheritance.

Why Are So Many Americans in Prison? A Provocative New Theory. A prime reason is the draconian sentencing laws that require judges to impose impossibly harsh punishments on people who have committed relatively minor crimes.

Three men have been convicted of rape, despite a judge trying to stop their trial because of a lack of evidence. Interesting fact, the woman said: “It could all have happened consensually, and I don’t remember it, she had drunk more than 12 shots of vodka and had little memory of what happened”.

Police allow a woman to kidnap 6-month-old and leave Canada despite the father getting a court order. Father sues police.

Straight from the horse’s mouth: “jurors have a hard time putting female defendants to death”.

Biased nation Cabinet okays pro-women divorce clause. Bowing to pressure from women’s activists, the government has made some crucial amendments to divorce laws, giving women half a share in the husband’s residential property irrespective of whether it was acquired before or during the marriage.

First Class Court Magistrate Gone Insane! Fines a mere INR 200 to a woman accused of slapping and causing injury to the doctor while he was performing his lawful duties a government servant.

Wife not parting salary with man no cruelty: HC. While the other way round is termed as Cruelty on women by the husband.

Men to pay salary to wife???

Biased Law: Spurned by a married woman, a heavily armed 27-year-old jobless youth went on a killing spree that left six people dead, including himself, in Delhi. He had no recourse to justice. At the time when woman spurned by boy can file a rape case against them, the boys dumped by women don’t have any help from anyone.

Sperm is ‘marital asset’, says UK donor’s wife. A British woman whose husband donated sperm secretly has called for a change in the law since sperm is a ‘marital asset’ and wants clinics to obtain the wife’s consent before the husband can donate sperm.

Men to compensate their live-in partner and women can enjoy on compensation received. The law is becoming increasingly biased against men. No protection to Men against women in Domestic Violence law.

Bombay HC frowns on stringent bail conditions, cites case backlog. As bail must be the norm and denial of bail the exception; so too stringent bail conditions be used sparingly only where the situation warrants it.

A doctor accused of digitally penetrating two women for vaginal examinations. Just because of the doctor. The doctor missed out on maintaining the examination notes, he was termed guilty for it.

Another draconian law in making HINDU SUCCESSION (AMEND) BILL, 2013. The bill talks attach only the husband’s property and not property by the wife. Any immovable/movable + inherited/inheritable assets, the wife will have a share in husband’s property while the husband can never have any rights in the wife’s property. Another Misandric law to woo women, Indian laws only favour women and the lawmakers keep introducing such biased/one-sided laws.

Police booked a case of murder even after his death. Now even a dead man must visit court to prove his innocence.

Refusal to have sex during honeymoon by the wife is not cruelty: Bombay high court. While the same act amounts to cruelty when gender is reversed. Judges and lawmakers have always been passed such kind of one-sided orders against men.

Contrary to the above Judgment: Depriving wife of sex is cruelty, Mumbai court rules.

Court Said, Physical relationship is one of the most basic marital obligations and husband has no right to deprive the wife of it, this amounts to cruelty and directed husband to pay the woman Rs 3 lakh as alimony. What a shame!!!

VP of Gurgaon firm stabs wife to death. Husband and wife picked up a flight when he came to know about the illicit relationship of his wife; these are an ill effect of the IP Sec 497 being ruled out, adulterous wife easily gets into such acts because there is no law which will help the husband to prove extramarital affairs and get justice.

Sending vulgar messages, posting pictures amounts to outraging modesty, says HC The observation was made by Justice Mehinder Singh Sullar while hearing an anticipatory bail plea of Adarsh Singh. Will the court adopt the same approach if a woman sends similar content to a Man.

Bombay HC: Can a woman molest another? Even though we have so many cases of women raping men & women; the high court questioned if a woman can be accused of outraging the modesty of another woman and sought the legal provisions for it. In IPC sec 354, the judges noted that while the section began with word ‘whoever’, it later went on to refer to the accused as ‘he’ and the victim as ‘she’.

When a woman is intelligent enough to decide about the nature of Men’s touch, how can they be presumed dumb when a woman touches!!! Law has become a joke in its gender biasedness. Gender biased laws have made the very concept of law a comic version. Can society survive with a comedy of law???

No divorce as an estranged couple still had sex, Bombay high court rules. Strange enough, when a woman is in the picture the judges use their law knowledge, morality etc. to safeguard her interest, but when it comes to men, they tend to go strictly by laws and everyone know, No law protects the interest of a male.

Frankfurt Airport has designated parking specifically for women by painting spaces pink and making them wider. Even the West is no difference when it comes to Misandry, Feminism hypocrisy at its best, on one hand, they seek equality in every aspect and when it comes to the female benefit they shamelessly accept it.

Cops Framed Mentally Challenged Man for Rape and Murder

Gospel truth

Rape laws are designed to rape Men. India’s law should recognize that men can be raped too. Male rape victims cannot come forward for fear of stigma and lack of legal recourse.

If the Vienna Convention applies to Devyani, it should apply to me too: Pascal Mazurier, French Consulate employee had a taste of biased judicial treatment when his wife accused him of sexually abusing his daughters. As it is a norm of our male hatred society and judicial system, on a mere complain, Pascal was arrested, beaten up, jailed for four months, strip-searched and paraded naked in front of doctors (violation of human rights).

The problem is, Indian society is obsessed with women! A woman diplomat is arrested for fraud and the society, govt., media and so-called judiciary swing into action. When a male diplomat is caught similarly, nobody asks any question. It is an anti-male society obsessed with women, in the belief that women are Goddess and ca do no wrong while men are all demons. This is sexism and needs to be fought tooth and nail.

Desertion is Cruelty, ground for divorce. High Court took 20 long years just to realize desertion can be ground of cruelty. Have no words to describe the wisdom of Indian Judges.

Mumbai: Suspended professor takes classes on the road. University accused him of “misconduct and moral turpitude”. There was no media coverage, no dharna’s; imagine if a lady professor would have been suspended with same accusations, the entire media, women NGO’s, Political parties etc. everyone would have been on road protesting against the university and would have demanded the closure of the university. The media probably would have run a prime time show and a debate on their channels the entire day.

This is sadly the picture of today’s India.

9-year-old student suspended for sexual harassment after calling teacher ‘cute,’ mother says. A spokeswoman from the school said the boy was suspended for “inappropriate behaviour” and making “inappropriate statements”.

Carly Fiorina says White House is not paying women equally (except when it’s the same job title, the pay is practically the same). A study done by Jon Greenberg from PolitiFact, reveals something else; according to the study the edge went to the women. Not only female in nos. even the salary they draw is higher than male employees.

State to sack prosecutors with less than 25 success. This appears to be a knee jerk reaction. Just forcing the public prosecutor to achieve success is not the correct approach as it will further increase the number of innocents getting jailed. To explain my point let’s take an example of traffic cops. If similar order is released for them saying, every day he has to issue a penalty to at least 500 people or else he will be sacked. Then what he will do, he will start to penalize even those who follow traffic rules. The cop will come up with dirty tricks just to meet his targets. Who will be responsible for such a mess?? Instead of ensuring that a criminal is punished. This order wants to punish the accused without checks that the person is guilty. This order appears to be a step in a backward direction when already the judiciary has a lot of fake cases piled up. The fake case industry will boom with more innocents getting convicted just because the public prosecutor needs to meet targets.

Husbands Who Shout At Wives Will Face 14 Years In Jail Under New Law. UK politicians are trying to introduce a new regulation to demonize men and create women’s voting lines, it’s a feminist quest for girls-only empire building. How about those women nagging or abusing their husbands? Will they also face 14 years in jail?

Taxes paid by farther’s from their hard-earned money are mainly spent to cope with crime, disorder, truancy, educational failure, physical and mental illness and general misery, which are more common among the fatherless homes. Millions of children growing up in fatherless homes due to the high rate of divorce. Children being brought up by their mothers have no contact with their fathers at all which is cruelty on husband and as well as on children. Children those are raised by a single parent are more likely to be depressed, to abuse drugs or alcohol, to do badly at school, and end up living in relative poverty.

But who knows about it?? Policymakers, Women’s Government, NGO’s are responsible for such a pitiful human situation; it’s time for people to understand this and avoid getting swayed by the misleading propaganda that is being used solely to divide families and not for the benefit of children.–human–cost-fatherless-society.html#ixzz2WSEvferX

Car accident-Wife dies @ the hospital, 7lakhs compensation, still HUSBAND&co harassed with FALSE dowry case Even he gets sexually harassed.

A man committed suicide in November 2012 and the case of abetment to suicide against his wife and her family members was registered after 7 months in June 2013 only after victims mother met Police Commissioner. This is a common treatment male victims receive from policymakers and judiciary system; whenever a male member approaches a police station they are ridiculed stating how can wife and in-laws can do something to you. According to NCRB, more men commit suicide due to matrimonial disputes.

Domestic Violence thru TELEPATHY? YES, it is possible. Colleen Nester, a Mexican woman who claimed she was being harassed by TV talk show host David Letterman, who was allegedly beaming mental telepathic messages and using televised facial gestures. Under New Mexico law, harassment is a form of domestic violence, so Ms. Nester was granted a restraining order.

Can a woman be booked for molesting another woman? Asks Bombay high court. A clear case of Gender Biased laws. The laws are made completely one-sided where it always portrays woman as victim and men as a culprit but in this case, both the victim as well as the culprit are women and there is no law in Indian judiciary which term women as the culprit.

Another point to notice, recently several cases have been booked on women raping men; why can’t court accept that women can also molest another woman?

Failing to keep marriage promise earns techie life in jail. The fun starts now, the techie was charged for three different counts and three different punishments.

 Charges FramedPunishment for Charges
1RapeLife imprisonment and a fine of Rs 1 lakh as compensation to the girl for rape.
2Kidnapping7 years of imprisonment and a fine of Rs 10,000
3For False Promise1 year of imprisonment and a fine of Rs 5,000

We can only dream of such severe punishment for girl/women who brakes promises.

Bikaner doctor has complained against her subordinate of sexual harassment, molestation, abuse and misbehaviour.  But other departments HOD’s gives a different picture against lady doctor. The subordinate was immediately arrested by police under sec 376, 511 and 353 of IPC, while many affidavits (memorandum) against the lady doctor are provided by other HOD’s, no prosecution or judicial recourse against her is yet to be taken.

Laws/Courts/Police everyone is helping women to file fabricated/motivated rape or sexual harassment complaints.

A simple accusation can ruin a Man’s reputation, Career and Whole Life. Women are using as a weapon the very law that was made to protect them just to settle their personal scores. A man has to undergo a long trial to prove his innocence, there is no check to prevent the origin of the process, the stigma attached to it, or the humiliation suffered during police and court proceedings. The law of the State should not be made to act merely on the allegation of someone. Enough safeguards should be created to prevent the misuse of laws.

A man writes to President seeking permission for suicide. Says, his wife and in-laws are harassing him an trying to grab his property by showing that he is mentally ill. A man had to run from pillar to post to get his complaint registered, but with no success finally wrote a letter to President seeking suicide permission.

Another case of in-laws harassing a husband. Already more than 92000 men are committing suicide because of all women-centric laws a yet there are no laws to protect them. Are men even considered as a citizen of this country or a mere disposable item?

Court asks NGOs to help in drafting guidelines for registration of rape case. It’s very unfortunate for society and mankind that now courts are seeking help from women-centric NGO’s for defining laws in our country. It is another nail in the coffin for innocent men their family members, male victims, male child victims – the laws are already women-centric and with the involvement of Women NGO’s, men and male child have no other recourse of survival.

Around 50% of the judges of high courts and 33% judges in the Supreme Court are family members of those in “higher echelons of the judiciary”, claims research done by a Mumbai-based lawyer. This reprives the deserving candidates and appointing judges who failed the common man and gave relief to only the “high and mighty”.

The magistrate does not have the jurisdiction to direct further investigation by another agency: SC.

A squirrel was ‘arrested’ by police after a woman complained that the rodent was following her around.

Court says a surrogate mother is also entitled to maternity leave, but they never talk about equal leave for fathers. Men are always treated as a secondary citizen in India, they are the highest contributor in the economy yet there are no laws or provisions to protect their interest.

Licence to destroy: Accusation cannot be proof, some populist changes in rape laws are affecting gender relations. The amended law on rape and sexual molestation that Parliament passed in 2013 was intended to protect women but are mainly used to settle personal scores. But key flaws in it are affecting relations between the sexes in ways that could make their lives more difficult.

The famous case of Devyani Khobragade, the Indian Diplomat, in whose defence India and US almost came to a diplomatic collision. As an ambassador, they have some extra rights relative to civilians and they are not intended to be misused; Devyani took unfair advantage of the same and deliberately defied government laws and regulations to get the best of all worlds by taking dual passports for her daughters. The government that went all the guns in support of Devyani are now in serious doubts about her integrity. The Indian Government’s lesson, in this case, is that India should absolutely defend the rights of its citizens and diplomats abroad, but it needs to pick those symbols of national pride a little more carefully.

Divorce In India Today: Woman’s Paradise, Man’s Hell.

Now men are afraid to help women, thanks to the toxicity of feminism. One of the incentive.

Family court launches vocational training for female litigants awaiting maintenance. So much in the name of #womenempowerment and yet the ablanari keep crying for maintenance and alimony. Feminists group and women NGO’s still sought new laws to favour them more and more.

Angelina Jolie inspires women to maim themselves by celebrating medically perverted double mastectomies. How Bizzare!

Lakshmi Padiyar a married woman attempts suicide to Marry Boyfriend: Had she succeeded it would have been a DOWRY death! Under IPC 304B. It is clear from the news article that the woman attempted suicide because her boyfriend denied to marry her and the police started harassing the poor husband and his family.

Valerie Jean Solanas (April 9, 1936 – April 25, 1988) was an American radical feminist. She was diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic and pled guilty to “reckless assault with intent to harm”, serving a three-year prison sentence, including psychiatric hospital time. After her release, she continued to promote the SCUM Manifesto, initiating modern radical feminism. She died in 1988 of pneumonia, in San Francisco, California.

Topless – if you have a VALUABLE possession like a diamond or a bond certificate, for example, u won’t DISPLAY it in your living room, uncovered, for everyone else to see it. Certainly, you will put it inside the safety box where no one else can see it BECAUSE it is valuable to you. These women do not consider their bodies as valuable to them. if they are so ready to have EQUAL RIGHTS in every single thing, why don’t they fight for their rights for EQUAL PUNISHMENTS as well?

I fantasize about other men having sex with my husband. I do not feel attraction towards my husband.

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