Shurpanakha and Raavan Dahan on Dassera


Vaastav Foundation celebrated Dusherra Vijay Dashmi by burning effigy of Shurpanakha as symbol of fake accusation, misandry, misuse of laws, gender bias and Raavan as a symbol of evil on Saturday 30th September on the occasion of Dassera. They also celebrated cutting off Shurpanakha’s nose to mark their vehement opposition to lies and false accusations by women.

To give a brief history on this event – Dassera is celebrated throughout India in remembrance of the triumph of good over evil. The epic Ramayan tells the story of the Lord Ram who defeated the evil King Ravan.

Surpnakha plays an important role in the Ramayan. She was an evil woman. When she saw Ram and Lakshaman in the forest, she got attracted to them. She proposed first to Ram and on his declining her proposal to have relation with her she proposed his brother Lakshaman. She stalked and harassed Ram and his brother Laxman. Laxman got so infruriated by her stalking and show of power that he hurt her nose. This was the trigger point, like all false accuser, she too played victim making false accusations that Laxman attacked her without provocation, she hides the fact from her brother Ravan that it was she who lusted at Ram+Laxman and provoked them. This leads to a war leading to defeat and death of Ravan. To celebrate this victory, people in India burn effigies of Ravan and his brothers every year on the occasion of Dassera.

Vaastav foundation noticed that people have overlooked the fact that the defeat of evil is celebrated only partly. India is still caught up in the swirls of beauty and the coyness of evil women who play eternal victims and keep demonizing men.

Men in India do not get support from the Government or other bodies; this has lead to so many men committing suicide that India has become the suicide capital of the world.

So Vaastav Foundation decided to add to this tradition by burning effigies of Ravan and cut deceit in the form of Surpnakha’s nose. As without acknowledging the evil of fake claims of plotting & scheming women like Surpnakha we cannot overcome the evil of modern day Surpnakha’s who harass men (Financially, Sexually & Emotionally) using fake accusation. They used the tag #BurnShurpnakha for the event.




Ravan of Fake Cases and law misuse
Ravan of Fake Cases and law misuse

Each head of Ravan was named as per the biased sections of law that are used to harass innocent men.

I hope that their efforts bring results for the future of ‘Men’ in India so that

No Dashrath is alienated from the child because of Kaikai.

No Pandavs suffer bigamy because of Draupadi.

No Shantanu kids are killed because of Ganga.

No Bhishma loses throne due to Satyavati.

No Laxman is harassed by Surpnakha.

No Arjun is raped by Ulupi.


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