Untapped power of male vote and money

Male vote and money
Male vote and money

I have been noticing many men’s rights activists, their supporters and misandry victims demand that government policies should change. They keep demanding elimination of anti-men laws and policies. These people keep requesting efforts by the bureaucracy, the judiciary and the governance towards lowering the death of males due to suicide, accident, workplace hazards and homicide.

But still year on year the things are moving in the opposite direction. More anti men laws are being created, more policies neglecting men’s health and wellbeing get created. Safety of men is losing importance for the police, judiciary, media and government.

So where is the disconnect that is preventing equality to prevail in true sense. What is it that makes same machinery neglect pains of men and boys, but give in to whimsical demands of women.

I feel that there are two reasons for this

  1. Votes and Lobbying: – Male voters do not actively seek men’s rights or male favoring policies while on other hand politicians feel women as voters are united for policies regarding women.
  2. Spending / Funding: – Men’s spending decisions are not guided by men’s right view and there is a critical lack of funding for men’s issues.

Both above hurdles are not difficult to overcome as

  1. In terms of numbers from 2001 census India’s male population of 532 million is more than any vote bank of India be it caste, religion or gender.

There are few people, especially the fans of the ruling party who feel that just creating awareness and appraising politicians about the suffering of men will bring about change in policies. I would want them to realize the people worst affected by gender bias are eunuchs but no political party paid heed to their suffering till the Supreme court of India intervened. Only when the politicians realize that men’s vote can’t be taken for granted there will there be any considerable change. And since the number of male voters are high enough, aligning the male population is needed and the rest of the things will fall in place.

One may feel aligning 532 million men is daunting task, but the fact is a group just has to be just large enough to affect the election result and that could be a single digit number in terms of percentage. As seen from the table below the population of ST(Scheduled Tribe) is just 8%, but there are special laws passed to them by the government. There are special reservation polices in the country for the ST population.

Population of India by caste

So, for men to make a headway in getting attention of politicians we can safely say that even if just 8% men give their votes only for people supporting men we shall be able to see substantial changes.

In the recent elections Men’s rights activists have been able to get people vote for NOTA in constituencies wherever pro men candidates were missing. Though the NOTA votes reached less than 2 % at most of the locations. It has led to a realization that this small % difference can also be a deciding factor in winning. So instead of neglecting the men’s vote / NOTA all should work towards increasing their count. So the best advice a man can get is to “Vote wisely this time”

Along with votes male supporters should also do lobbying with various stake holders like Politicians, Judiciary, Bureaucrats etc. Voting alone won’t accomplish much without lobbying. If politicians in power for example are considering supporting some piece of anti-male legislation, they need to get a majority message from their constituents they won’t elect them if they support said legislation. If men’s groups want equality laws they also need to actively lobby for such laws.

The reason we have so many laws advantaging women, isn’t because people consciously voted feminists into office, the reason we have laws advantaging women is because feminist organizations lobbied strongly for these laws. The reason some states have been adopting more equal custody laws is due to MRA lobbying efforts. The reason a judge ruled it’s unconstitutional to exempt women from selective service is because a men’s group filed a suit which needed to be heard.

2. In terms of the amount, the male population spends more than any other category and pays more tax than any other category in India.

The Government collects Rs. 3 Trillion form individual tax payers and majority of them are men. But a sum of Rs. 244 Billion has been set aside for the Women and Child Development (WCD) Ministry for the financial year 2021-22 budget. Not a single rupee goes towards the well being of the majority tax payers the males of this nation.

Among other things this money also goes to NGOs, media houses, etc involved in talking about women’s issues. Women’s ministry being a constant source of revenue for the media houses has led them to develop an attitude of turning a blind eye towards the concerns and crimes against men. Many incidents have revealed that media houses publish paid news and have paid opinions and views. That’s why we find major publications either not publishing news of crimes by women against men or keeping such news on the last few pages in a small space. Can this be changed? I think yes, because the total sales of Bennett, Coleman & Co, the India’s largest media house which brings out Times of India, Economic Times and Navbharat Times, closed 2006-07 with sales of Rs 33 Billion this is much smaller than the Rs. 3 Trillion tax paid mostly by men.

In terms of spending the advertising agencies feel they should target women buyers only as they are the decision makers of spending the money earned by men. That’s why we find ads that even insult men for selling products to men. But the fact is just the Indian men grooming market was valued over $ 2 Billion in 2018. One can imagine what the total market of male buyers could be like. So, when the anti-male Gillette ad did not go down well among men, the company suffered $ 8 Billion losses.  Similarly, in India the misandric ads of Asian paint and lions gate were changed/ taken off air. There is no doubt that males spending their money on only pro men companies can change the attitude of companies towards men’s issues.

I know change will surely happen and I see some change happening in the right direction as men are now objecting to the behavior of the criminal women and puncturing feminist’s fake claims, politicians like Anubhav Mohanty speak about men’s issues in parliament.

The pace is the only concern when the tipping point will be reached and together we can make it happen faster by being the catalyst in convincing as many people as you can to vote for men’s issue only and buying only from the companies that respect men.

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