Acid Attack on Men

Acid attack on men

17/10/2015 K S 0

Statistics show acid attack on male form 50% of acid attack incidents but whenever people talk of acid attack they think that the victim is […]

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Bye Bye VVS

15/10/2015 Pankaj Agrawal 0

In college we used to have a different class of students. Those who would struggle in easy subjects but they would be somewhat extra ordinary […]

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Why lock door???

15/10/2015 B 0

I was attending a meeting on security in our housing society. Local police station had informed housing societies in their area that during the summer […]

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Time to be Atheist

15/10/2015 B 0

War in the name of God started since the time man created God.   The purpose behind creating God was to have someone to be […]

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Brick or Block masonary…

15/10/2015 B 1

From the experience I got during the process of identifying suitable material for the projects I was working. I have a written this article comparing […]