Atit Fighting Legal Terrorism

Atit fighting legal Terrorism
Atit fighting legal Terrorism

This is the story of Hero Atit written in his own words and as received by me as follows.


Being born male into open cast family, I always felt that it’s partiality happening with me at every stage of life, be it education or something else, but never understood or realize that I was emotionally castrated at the age of 4 when I heard first time “ Ladkiyon ki jaise kyon ro rahe ho?”


Being nasty kid, I was always doing well in sports and teachers were pushing up me with marks. I failed in Hindi in class 7th and I know how difficult it was and what rewards I have got from my parents that how come being a male I can fail? Even today I am not Graduate, but my practical knowledge, wisdom and dedication do wonders for me. being born in to lower middle class family, when it came to my Diploma, it was difficult to manage finances like my education and staying in hostel, and I am not ashamed to say that I have work on tea stalls or ferried passengers in rented auto rickshaw after my college hours or having a meal once a day and menu is same for every day “Pav Bhaji”


Although I was feeling like MARD, when I passed out and got placement into L&T, even my parents were proud of me, that they have lost all hopes on me securing a good job (in fact they have trained me in to ancestral business of bangle making ) and from nowhere I made U-turn and got into multinational corporate..


When it came to my marriage, I did realized that people are asking me same question, “Beta kitna kamate ho…??”  But didn’t realise that they wanted to offload their parasite, and wanted me to be free protector and provider.


Before I get into much details abt my married life of 5 years, I am straight way coming to my first case , no other than world famous IPC 498a, reading with IPC 294, IPC 506, IPC 114 and IPC 323.. And the only reason I got rewarded with it, as I have asked my beloved wife to take medicines on time and follow the instructions given by Doctors for her IVF treatment.. And silly me, a poor boy never knew that it’s crime in India. I still remember that lucky day of Nov. 2008.


After initial formalities of bail, I decided to resume my job after 4 days of 498a. My FIR was registered in Gujarati language and when I got in to office first, I tried to search “498 (?)” in Google, and every time I was redirecting me to “498 a” and SIF links, and height was I have replaced Gujarati letter (?) with English alphabet (C),  and stupid me was believing that my case is UNIQUE and I am the only one who was blessed with this unique section of “IPC 498 (?)” and later on after 2 days I realized that (?) is first letter in Guajarati and represents “A” in English and confirmed that with my lawyer that certainly 498 (?) means 498 A. and my dream of being unique shattered, that I am not unique.


I came across SIF Blogs and Website and many online articles… but Yet hesitating to contacting for help.. ( first sign of being MARD), Later on I came to great blog of Jinesh Zaveri ( Sita v/s Surpankha) and really that inspired me a lot and finally it forced to contact Pune Chapter of SIF.. It was my first call to Amitabh dasgupta, unfortunately it was my first call and his last day in Pune, got details about SIF meetings, and attended the first meet and didn’t attended the second one, (Same attitude of being new member, didn’t got Sugar coated pill and hence disappointed) .. Later on got short term official assignment in Shanghai, during my Shanghai Visit I came to know that my charge sheet is filled and may case move on to next stage, So again started attending weekly meets without fail, so technically I have started my regular weekly meetings in March 2009..


But still anxiety and depression was taking toll on me. Can’t forget those Sleepless nights, Over alcoholism and I was seeing that I am losing my identity my job and I was helpless. Don’t know exactly how many times I got severe suicidal thoughts, but ultimately MARD inside me didn’t allowed me to take that step and thanks to some wonderful friends and colleagues who helped me to come out of it.. Still I was not able to gain my confidence back and one time Armature rider was not able to ride the bike to work. Commuted in auto to Office for almost 3 months and one day I gave up with these hostile conditions in life and decided that no more compromises in life, and deleted “compromise” word from all sectors of my life.


Next day I Started my bike and decided to go to work… not to mention that I have fallen 3 times in onward journey, and 5 times while returning.. But that’s how we learn to walk, correct?? Decided to fight till end and will start my life from scratch, as now I don’t have any fear in life. What’s the max. Punishment anyone can give me?? Just hang me or kill me.


After that I got threats to my life from my in-laws,  they hired some tattus to keep watch on me, with couple of rounds of Pune Darshan and playing Hide and seek with them,  decided to openly challenged my in-laws, and decided that I am going solo on bike to Ladakh, and sent indirect message that you won’t get better chance than this to kill me, do it if you can.. Unknown terrains and no one can trace where I was lost?


Meanwhile I was planning for Ladakh trip, I came in to contact with Swarup Sarkar, and He gave me one of the biggest responsibility of being a moderator of SIF yahoo group. And that’s start of my actual contribution towards SIF movement. Attended National meet in Shimla and was delighted to meet everyone and see the brotherhood and solitary among SIF members. Met many SIF leaders and not to mention that after national meet I stayed with HOT Tandoor ( Gorky) for 2 days, and those 2 days were like hell.. He never stops or he doesn’t allow to sleep and constantly bombarding with MRM fundas… But being frank that helped me a lot in understanding Men’s Rights and particularly Misandry. You can say that he hatched tandoori chicken directly from egg.


After coming back from Ladakh in Aug 2009, I have continued as SIF moderator, Being regular at weekly meets and constantly looking for improvement in local chapter, and be frank with you guys I have tried to help people in all ways.. Like odd hour of yahoo / gtalk chats, even calling victims who claimed to be bankrupts and trying to help them, which continued for a year and seen that some people are unnecessary sucking everyone at wrong place. And later on with some interaction with Panduranga katti, I got more insights and stopped such arm chaired helping, whenever anyone asked for help, I started directing them to weekly meet or pass on local helpline numbers… and that’s the ultimate strength of SIF. If anyone needs helps come to weekly meeting and help yourself. Keep it simple.


Within a year of 498a, and not seeing any recourse to gain anything and my changed attitude, I got a offer of Compromise, which I denied as I don’t have that word in my dictionary anymore. And result is I got DV and Divorce claiming that I have 1.5 crore of property and she needs 50Lakhs as alimony.


When I attended the first date of DV, Opponent lawyer offered free of cost divorce and withdrawal of all cases, which is again denied by me. When I don’t understand that word “compromise”, how I will understand what’s it? And how it’s beneficial to me?


In between, I lost a one of my SIF buddy / Mentor Deepak Sharma, He lost his life against gall bladder cancer, despite many difference on methodologies between me and him, we always dreamt for a financial model, and establishment of some “Men’s rights“ centric organization. But again a big shock for me in life that I have lost someone closes to my soul. I guess that’s the again first time experience in life. But life is all about moving on.


Truly formation of MRA-Pune, was tribute to Deepak by All Pune members, which came in to existence with many brain storming sessions, fights and what not?? And ultimate aim was to fight against misandry..  And first kind of model to raise funds to meet activism costs. Here I am thankful to all MRA Pune members.


Back to my personal cases, As I always preferred to go through plain and simple trial, no Quash, no Discharge. I always asked for trial, not getting into complexity of law or jurisdiction. Just prove that I did wrong and you are free to hang me.


My DV case which started in Jan 2010, gone through many funny stages like non-existed child custody and many cost applications from my side and First victory was made in Sep. 2011 when she was forced to withdraw her DV case with folded hands and an apology in open court. (Certainly in fear of perjury) Certainly I won’t discuss in open forum that what perjury I was planning and how I have implemented that fear of perjury in her mind.


Regarding her divorce case, she claimed that I owe 1.5 crore of property and she needs 50 Lakhs as her share… I filled my Written statement with my power of attorney that she can take this and  execute this power of attorney with security deposits of 5 lakhs and sell of all my property and return me 1 Crore, as I don’t remember where I have invested..  Result is another withdrawal without any reason.


Although, I was promised in open court while withdrawal of DV case that she will withdrawal all cases including 498a, that never happened, and I never bothered with it, I was busy on my path to being happy and I continued.


Finally my 498a case, came on board and got summons to appear in August 2011 ( I got Unconditional bail, and asked to appear in court when I get summons to do so) , appeared for few dates, got framing of charges done, and actual game started… opponent have appeared in court after many troubles and they put up their weapons, and again asked for compromise and denied by me, and constantly pursued  for fair trial..  And for one or the other reason opponent have took adjournment and I kept pressurizing court to issue warrants, and after 3 warrants against entire gang, finally the day arrived when I see my beloved wife in shame that she couldn’t ignore this litigation anymore.


Even on last appearance, she sang the same song of compromise, which I never understood, as I have deleted that bloody word from my dictionary long back. And after a bit of drama, she consulted Public prosecutor that how she can withdraw this case?? So none of the other 5 witnesses need not to come to court… She came to witness box in hostile condition that she was never harassed for anything, and it’s moment of heat what we call IPC 498a..  And that’s truth that she was never harassed and it’s kind of heated arguments between me and her father. And this is not 498a.


After such high level of drama, court did Examination of Chief and cross examination, she filled Phursis that she doesn’t want any other witnesses to be testify, and after 10 days, on 31st Jan 2013, I was handed over a judgement of my acquittal in IPC 498a under CrPC 248(1),


CrPC 248(1) reads “If, in any case under this Chapter in which a charge has been framed, the Magistrate finds the accused not guilty, he shall record an order of acquittal.”


Certainly I know it would be more fun if opponent haven’t put down their weapons, and some of the close MRAs know that I was in a severe depression after my acquittal, similar feelings when you work hard for entire year and exam paper comes as simplest one.  But again my association with SIF / MRA is not limited to my personal case; I get rid of that depression soon and still moving on..


Some FAQ..


Que : Did I fight well??


Ans. : don’t know, but I am happy that I got clean chit..


Que : Am I planning to file any defamation against her?


Ans. : I don’t believe in impractical things, where I spend 10 times more than what she is goanna to be penalized.


Que. : any tips for newcomers?


Ans. : Attend weekly meeting in your city and protect yourself before any damage.. In my case she filled 498a first, and I was fully prepared for DV, before she opts for the same.


Que. : how weekly meetings helps in my personal case?


Ans. : If you think men’s rights org. is helping you to pay alimony, you are completely wrong. Think beyond your personal cases, STOP idea of getting married again, before you are completely out for first shit. You never know when you read some section of law to help someone and next day your wife files the same section.


Que. : Is there any short cut to get rid of all cases in a wink??


Ans. : Yes.. Keep on winking judge, sexuality is changing.. You never know the orientation of your judge. On serious note it’s big NO.. Keep your litigation simple as much as possible. Avoid Multiple litigation.


Que. : the place where I live doesn’t have any chapter, what should I do?


Ans. : God, choose you for good cause, and it’s your responsibility to start one.. If you can’t start one – you can’t expect someone to start it.


Que. : what helped me in my personal case..


Ans. : Deletion of word compromise from life.. Live life the way you want, no litigation is stopping you from that. STOP torturing yourself in anyway, STOP thinking about past and good deed against her, onus of proving allegation is not on you. If you lose some money in name of maintenance or child, it’s just paper what you are losing.


Qes. : seems your wife is good that she became hostile; mine case is not like that…


Ans. : pls marry her.. On serious note all cases are same, where wife files false cases and torture husband and his family. And it’s you who increased your litigation and believed more into judicial system of India. Keep it simple as much as possible.


Ques. : My personal guidance for your cases.


Ans. : I never focused on my cases, I just visited courts on random days and seen how court works, how husbands are being forced for settlements and on that basis I prepared my defense in various situations, and executed it well. And frankly speaking I am still not good at law.. I truly believe in practical knowledge and implementation of it. Visit court and have live demo.


Atit’s story ends here. I request my readers to raise their voice against every biased treatment against men. As the femminist’s are feeding fake data to the society to justify ill treatment of men. Once we start to question the bias they will have to retreat –


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