Feminism is double standard

Feminism is double standard in full glory.

It glorifies wrongs of women and demeans rights of men.

If a woman criticises man, it’s her freedom of speech. If he criticises her, it’s his intolerance.

If a girl judges a boy, she is enlightened. If he judges her, he is prejudiced.

If a lady questions male behaviour, then she is empowered. If he questions her behaviour, then he is sexist.

If she beats him, it’s because she is defending herself as a victim. If he defends himself from her abuse, he is violent.

If a gal pens her thoughts, it’s revolutionary. If a guy pens his thoughts, it’s provocation.

If a dame marches, shouts, accuses, it’s a protest. If few chaps march, it’s a mob.

If she lodges even a fake complaint, she is following the course of law.

If he tries to lodge a complaint or prove his innocence, he is subverting the law.

If women demands more laws for them, it’s for their safety.

When men demand gender neutral laws, its rejected as he is never a victim of crime.

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  1. OMG, do you really belive this? You should open your eyes, because the diminishing of woman is part of all society. Take a look at athletes for one, name 5 women aerning more than 10 mill a year!

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