Hamesha ladke galat nahi hote

This video #hamesha ladke galat nahi hote (meaning – Boys are not wrong doers by default) depicts the situation of boys in India. The first part of the video is on the lines of famous Rohtak Sisters bus incident where life of innocent boys got destroyed due to fake acusations.

I request my viewers to not take any action like the the protagonist in this video. People should rather contact Men’s support group who help men trapped in fake accusation. India now also has a private Helpline for men 08882498498. It is better to seek help from such support group instead of taking such drastic step.

Insiad government and police machinery has till date not taken any stringent action on female culprits who indulge in extortion through fake cases of rape, fake accusation of molestation etc. This has turned India to become a unsafe place for men & boys.

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