It’s wrong to think males can’t be sexually harassed or raped

Let’s say there’s a 15-year-old school boy who is going home from school, there is a lonely patch of road on that route. One day a 25-year-old woman who had been stalking him waits for him there and finding no one around, she approaches him and suddenly grabs his groin. She assures him saying she will not hurt him or whatever they say in these situations. So, the boy has no idea what is going on as she is pulling his pants down and keeps caressing his groin while the boy is frozen and paralyzed not knowing what to do. Thinking about this situation, let’s consider she gives him oral s*x or something while the boy is terrified about what is happening with him.

This situation may not appear scary to feminists, but it is. In fact, the boy should have all the right to act of self-defence and immediate termination of the harasser.

One physical threat is her hands are on his nuts, she can just tighten her grip or even rip open his nut pouch.  In this case the boy will surely go through the unbearable amount of pain and even die.

The second physical threat is her hand on his prick and that too is an extremely sensitive organ that can be harmed even by her nails. Any serious tugging of the boy’s prick could lead to permanent damage to it.

The third threat comes from her giving him an oral s*x, the grown-up lady can just bite it and spit it off like a tip of the cigar. We all know such a damage may not be corrected even after n number of surgical interventions. The boy can be left permanently impotent and with severe urological problems that could lead to his death too

There may be more such outcomes that could be equally life threatening and could send the male victim into extreme defensive response that may lead to severe injury or death of the aggressor. But still if someone claims that males can’t be raped, or males enjoy rape, they are seriously suffering from mental issues.

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