Stop the spread of anti men lies

Stop-the-spread-of anti men-lies

If you see one or more of these traits in someone or some study you should definitely not believe it before fact check

1. Feminists claims are vague and open to subjective interpretation they use overly broad definitions.

2. Feminists blame Patriarchy for all the problems and present feminism as a solution to all the problems.

3. Feminists use stories to support claims, they want you to assume feminist women never.

4. Feminists do not use control groups as they may not give the desired outcome. They do not compare if the same happens for both men and women. They just claim women suffer most.

5. Feminists carefully select a sample that would give the result being targeted.

6. Feminists modify the sample size if needed to get results against men. They even modify the previous claims.

7. Feminists correlate the findings with the results they want to claim.  Once they reach the conclusion of blaming men. They add up the findings supporting the claims In one category.

8. Once feminist have arrived at the conclusion that men are to be blamed they hide the broad definitions and present it as very specific.

9. Feminists use references that support anti men claim without fact checking.

10. Feminists keep repeating the same claims in various ways and regularly, do it so much that people start believing them.

11. Feminists use shaming tactics to silence those questioning the claim or seeking verification.

12. When a someone presents proof that proves woman do it too, the feminists either say if you don’t like it, ignore it or say it was faked by men or say don’t judge women on one person’s actions.

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