No means no ???

Presumption in rape laws

NO means No

Man- M1, M2, M3, M4
Lady – L1
Wife of M2 – W
Police – P
Doctor- D

Scene 1 – Night around 10 pm

(4 Men and a Lady is seen walking towards car parking. All looking happy.)

L1- ThThanks M1 for organizing this reunion so many old friends turned up. You are too good at whatever you do. I had such a good time after years.

M3- Ye, thanks buddy you are our fevicol bo

L1 – Now you all are leaving and there are 5 hours left for my flight. I will get bored.

M4 – Don’t worry M2 has his flat and office near airport. You can spend some time with him and he will drop you to airport in time.

L1 – Yes fine with me

M2 – Hhmm, OK No problem.

(All of them Say bye to each other give hug then get in car)

Scene 2

(M2 is lying on hospital bed with entire face bandaged.)

M3- Doctor now how is he?

D – Though he appears to be out of danger I will be able to say something once he gains consciousness. His face is badly damaged by glass. It’s no better than in acid attack. He will be lucky if he can see after all this. Men should think before getting adventurous.

M3- Doctor don’t be prejudiced. I know him since childhood he is not like that.

D- Yes everyone says so. But remember one thing. A woman can’t lie about such a serious matter.

(M1 and M4 enter and ask how it happened)

M4- I hope he gets out of this mess safe and sound. I trust him he can’t do anything like this.

M1- No man can be trusted. No woman is safe here
(W enters room looks very concerned)

W- What happened ?

P- Your husband tried to rape a woman and she got back. Serves him right.
(Concern on face of W disappear and now she looks angry)

M3- Bhabi, M2 is not like that you know.

W- All I know there is no safely of women due to such men. I want to know where the woman he assaulted is.

P-she is in adjoining room.


(W enters the room. L1 is sitting sobbing in room covered with a shawl)

W- Don’t worry everything will be fine. I may be wife of M2. But I have zero tolerance on issue of women safety.

L1 – I don’t know what will happen. People don’t believe women victims of sexual violence. He took me to his flat and did this. I have no evidence to prove I am victim.

W-Don’t worry I believe you. I will give you something by which everyone else will also believe you. Come with me.
Scene 4

W and L1 are seen sitting opposite to a computer.

W- I had recently installed CCTV Camera in the flat. He does not know it. I bought for my safety when he is on tour. You can go through the recording and take a backup of the incident. Then there will be no one who can question truth in your claim.

L1- Only a woman can understand pain of woman.

W-You go through the recording and take a backup. I had taken the first flight available and reached hospital directly from airport. I will take a bath and just comeback.

(L1 starts to see the recording)

Scene 5 – As seen in video recorder

(L1 and M2 enter flat)

L1- Nice place.

M2- Thanks, I bought it last year. I use it as office as well.

L1 – Men are so obsessed with work. You have to keep work out of home. Tell me do you have anything to drink or this home is dry like you Teetotaler.

M2- No I have it for my guest. (Shows her the bar) But you already drank a lot at the party.

L1- Don’t worry It doesn’t affect me. (Takes a bottle and starts to drink. Comes and sits very close to M2 and moves her figures through his hair)

M2- If you ask me I think it has already affected you (gets up and sits away from L 1)

L1- Do you know what alcohol does to you? It helps you lose inhibitions. You too should try it. (Comes closer to M2 and tries to kiss him)

M2- NO, I think you should be in control of yourself. (Tries to move away from her)

L1- Oh don’t be so backward.

M2- I am married (Again moves away from her and sits on others chair)

L1 -I am also married. But I am modern and don’t allow marriage to come between me and my happiness. (Goes near M2 and tries to hug him)

M2- Don’t you understand meaning of NO. Let’s leave, I will drop you to airport. (Starts to getup)

L1 – (grabs his hand) don’t you know how to keep a woman happy. Are you really a man? You have to make me happy.

M2- NO, I am not interested in a one night stand.

L1-If you don’t make me happy you will be in trouble. I can get you jailed for harassing a woman.

M2 – I never harassed you! It’s you trying to take advantage. (Shakes his hand free and moves towards door L1 catches his hand again)

L1- Think again

M2- NO

(L1 hits his him in face with bottle he falls down L1 stars tearing her clothes, spoils her hair and starts shouting help help …… )

(L1 stops the video looks around and deletes the file and sits back)

(W arrives back)

W- Did you take the backup of the incident for evidence?

L1- No the machine did not record anything. It was not installed properly.

W- Oh sorry for that and all that happened to you. I am with you as I know a woman never lies on women safety and dignity.


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