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HRD Ministry Invites Suggestions On NCERT School rationalizing curriculum/ syllabus/ subject contents for class I to class XII.  Citizen can go to the following link and post their suggestion (Not More than 100 Words in Each category) and their details.

Suggestions could be made latest by 6th April 2018 (Friday). I have the following suggestions and request all my countrymen to also give their suggestions to improve our education system and thereby improving the future generations as well. No point in complaining that people need to this and that etc unless you take efforts towards the direction to make it happen

The curriculum documents of CBSE and NCERT are available at the following links:


Following are the information you have to fill and those with * mark are compulsory  Name *, Address*, State* , Gender *,  Age *,  Mobile Number,  Email,  Category *,  Profession *,  Qualification *,  Suggestion to be made for Class *,  Subjects *.


Government Police Judiciary etc. all work on principle that a person who is unaware of a law can’t escape liability for violating law merely because one was unaware of its consequences. Hence basic legal knowledge should be made compulsory.
Currently Syllabus doesn’t teach how our judiciary legal system works. People are taken for ride by those interested to make money out of others misery. Even well educated person doesn’t know that one can fight their case as party in person. Students don’t even know the difference between Attestations/ Notary/Affidavit though they may have used it during college admissions etc.

Chapter containing hate towards other gender should be removed. Syllabus presently does not teach the child the importance of Father, Men & boys in the society. So by studying only neutral or Mother/women/girls oriented chapters the boys and girls will learn to respect only Mother/women/girls. They often develop a wrong feeling of Misandry and neglect towards Fathers, Men& boys. So to have a society that is healthy and harmonious lessons should be imparted on respecting Fathers, Men& boys equally as Mother, women & girls.
Lessons propagating myth that women were harassed by men should be immediately removed.


Children presently lack empathy and respect towards others /elders because values remain in theory only.  When such children grow up they want rights but shirk responsibilities.

Activity promoting mutual understanding, responsibility and empathy should be promoted. Earlier students used to actively participate in upkeep of school premises like gardening, removal of rubbish, painting, repairing furniture etc. so that they do not look down on people like the Watch man, Sewage worker, Gardner etc. doing such activities for them and neither do they shy for doing it for themselves and take initiatives instead of expecting others to it.


Children are naturally programmed to find role models and copy them.  Schools have severe drought of male teachers and many teachers have behavior issues. So see to it that the teachers are properly screened and 50:50 ratio of male & female teacher is maintained.

We learn by doing, so good instruction must rely heavily on activity. Students should not be forced to mug up but understand lesson and create write in their own style.

Failure is demotivating but ignoring failure maybe harmful so students should be taught that failure is not bad but not retrying after failure is bad.


Physical and Health Education

Schools do have Physical & Health education in curriculum, they also advice to avoid junk food but most often the marketing advertisement that draws children towards the non-healthy food is neglected. Schools often neglect to highlight fact that most of the Junk food are heavily advertised and the advertisers out there have been earning from ruining the health of children. Example Kids can be told that children who buy products just based on advertise and not on how much it is healthy or useful are not smart.


Vocational Education

Neglect of Vocational Education has been one of the reasons for the perception that students of Indian education system are not generally fit to be employable. So education that is imparted in ITI should actually be part of School and Junior college itself. This would not only help students get self-employed but also be industry ready. Internship/ vacation internships can also be made available optionally so that the students who waste their vacations catching wrong habits or wasting parent’s money in silly summer camps can utilize it effectively.


Value Education/Experiential Learning/Life Skills Education

Value Education is must now as students are today greatly influenced by the media. Media, Cinema, TV channels are constantly competing with each other to get higher viewership. To achieve that they find easy way out to show freaky content. Eg. TV Serials showing constantly plotting and scheming women as normal, Shows justifying crime against men, Movies glorifying criminals, TV Shows and movies showing minor kids falling in love,  Paid & Fake News reporting etc. Students should be made aware that everything shown by media is just to get attention and should not be believed or practiced.

Not just Students but teachers should also be evaluated by the students. Many times harmful behavior of teachers go unreported or their lack of teaching competency gets ignored as feedback from students is not received so 360 degree evaluation of teachers should be started. Students may also be evaluated on 360 degree to weed out bullies and also to make the students feel involved.


Other specific suggestions are that following theme based chapters should be removed as they are more of hate mongering in nature.

Example the name The Struggle for Women’s Equality itself implies that women are struggling inequality. So at one strike it ignores all the hardships, crimes, bias that men have faced. In one line it makes a joke of the fact that from economic offenses to murder and suicide everywhere it is the men who are the highest victims


Social Inequality and Exclusion has •   The Struggle for Women’s Equality

Unity V:  Social Movements has Women’s Movements in Independent India



People as Resource : Introduction of how people become resource/asset; economic activities done by men and women; unpaid work done by women; quality of human resource – role of health and education; unemployment as a form of nonutilisation of human resource – socio-political implication in simple form.


  1. Law as a subject needs to be their for students so that they know the pros and cons of their conduct. Specially women centred law and their misuse. Their impact on society and requirement for new laws to end women biased laws.

    • Vector algebra, derivatives and integral calculus should be introduced in class XI maths part 1 as they are required in class XI physics part 1.

  2. Educate youngsters about how Indian men are denied of their rights guaranteed under Articles 14,15,19 & 21 of the constitution. Let them know how opportunist matriarchy is running under the guise of patriarchy. Teach them how men are forced to silently bear with physical, sexual, psychological crimes against them committed by women as there is no law in India for men to report those kind of crimes.

  3. Social studies shouldn’t be a part of the board exams, it should only be an option. Computer Science could be an option, it’s a part of the future. Why just mug up the past all the time, when will the time come when “mugging up” ISN’T REQUIRED to be reputed (to get a good average in all subjects in the 10th boards and get into a good college)? Let’s forget the history and progress! Hope the management implements this system ASAP.
    The thoughts of a frustrated “kid”, whose opinions won’t be counted in this so-called “democratic” country.

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