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How to stop crime against men

19/02/2023 K S 0

Here are some general statistics on crime against men from different sources: According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics in the United States, men are […]

Men's rights first

Men’s rights first

07/12/2022 K S 2

Think of Men’s rights first… Before you vote for any party think if they will support men’s rights first. If two person are in danger […]

Privileges for women in India

10/04/2021 K S 0

The list of privileges women enjoy India that men do not: Cheaper tuition fees and more scholarships at government schools, colleges and universities. Free public […]

Gender ratio by country for total population

Stop Male and Female foeticide

17/05/2020 K S 0

There’s huge discussion forced by western media on eastern countries about balancing the female to male gender ratio of their country. Female feticide is one […]

Gender Equality

One liners for men

23/07/2018 K S 0

Women have got so much used to preferential treatment for females that, if women aren’t given preferential treatment over men, females see it as sexist […]

Women are neither more honest nor ethical than men

Not honest Nor ethical

23/07/2018 K S 0

I often hear people say that having more women in a system decreases the corruption in it and make the system more friendly and strong […]