We Need women to achieve equality

We need women

Where have all the women gone?

We need women to storm the male bastion of the Armed forces as even the vacancies reserved for women are not getting filled.

We need women to confront male chauvinists who feel women’s participation cannot increase without lowering the standards of selection.

We need women who are not afraid to get into sewer lines and clean it better than any man in this world. Women should end the monopoly of male sewer cleaners.

We need women who are independent and don’t consider marriage as source of maintenance. Any self respecting woman will vehemently oppose it.

We need women to end the practice of men looking down on women and offering them reservation in education and jobs.

We need women to smash the patriarchal practice of Alimony by refusing to take any.

The most important thing is we need women who won’t blame others for their failures.

But all we see around are complaining females who call themselves women.

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