Why Dr KK Aggarwal’s viral video is not funny

Screenshot of Dr KK Aggarwal viral video
Screenshot of Dr KK Aggarwal viral video

A video of a Dr. KK Aggarwal has gone viral on social media. According to the viral video, the Delhi-based senior doctor got himself vaccinated against Covid-19 without his wife and had to face her wrath on phone call. The voice of wife also got recorded in the live session and it went viral on social media and mainstream media. Strangely nobody found the behaviour of wife to be objectionable.

India. com found the video funny instead of abusive
India. com found the video funny instead of abusive

The doctor is in the midst of an live interview regarding vaccination when he receives a phone call from his wife. The wife asks him about covid vaccination and the doctor tries to explain to his wife that he had already received the vaccine and she will get it on Monday. “Main pata karne gaya tha aap logon ka, vo keh rahe the ‘khaali hai, lagwa lo’, toh maine lagwa li (I just went to check on the vaccine. They said get it done, so I got it),” he says while sitting in a car.

After this, the wife’s tone becomes abusive. In the video, she can be heard saying, “Bahut ajeeb ho tum, humein sath nahi le jaa sakte the? Tum mujhe apne sath kyon nahi le gaye”. (You’re so weird, you couldn’t take me along? Why didn’t you take me with you?).

Dr KK Agarwal again tries to convince the angry wife that he had just gone to find out and got vaccinated. His wife says, “Bahane mat banao. Mujhse jhooth mat bolo” (Don’t make excuses. Do not lie to me). Dr. Agarwal says says to the wife, “I am live now, let’s talk later’. Still, his wife talks in threatening manner and says, “Main abhi live aa kar tumhari aisi ki taisi karti hoon” (I will come live and teach you a lesson).

This abusive conversation was strangely found to be funny to many on the social media and even the mainstream media. It has gone hugely viral and people are just not seeing the verbal abuse, domestic violence suffered by the Doctor.

Twitter users found it funny!

I am deeply saddened by this misandrous behaviour of the people at large. Actually, that video wouldn’t have been found funny by the candle bearers of the nation if the genders were reversed. If it had been the husband being abusive. The incident would have led to a media mania about how Indian women even after winning Padma shri are not safe from domestic violence. But since in the entire incident, it has been the husband who is suffering, and the wife is being abusive people with inherent misandry are finding it funny.

NDTV did not find anything wrong with the conversation.

Even Dr. KK Aggarwal who got abused could not express his pain and tried to downplay the incident.

For those who do not know who Dr K K Aggarwal is. – Dr. K. K. Aggarwal is an Indian physician and cardiologist who is President CMAAO, President of the Heart Care Foundation of India and the Past National President of Indian Medical Association. In 2010, the Government of India honored him with the Padma Shri, India’s fourth-highest civilian award, for his contributions to the field of medicine. He is also recipient of Dr B C Roy National Award. A Gold Medallist ( Nagpur University), Limca Book of Record Holder ( CPR10). Those were just a few of his achievement.

A very startling fact is disclosed by this incident is that a married man in India can be a victim of domestic violence howsoever big his stature maybe. Also, there is no support to Indian male victims of domestic abuse. As a responsible citizen all of us should disapprove of such a behaviour.  

A link to that video is here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GEiWuqd0tYk

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