Tia wants money for house work

Tia wants money for house work
Tia wants money for house work

Tia: Mom, you stay at home and get so many things done like Cleaning of house, Cooking, Washing the dishes, Washing clothes, Baby sitting, Keep house organized, etc. You should be paid for all this or Dad should share 50% of these works.

Mom: Tia, by that logic, I should be paying your Dad rent for staying in his house bought with his money, I should be sharing the cost of maids who do the washing and cooking. I should also pay for clothes bought for the family, the food bills, the light bills, grocery bills, the vacation trips he takes us, our medical bills etc.

I should also be sharing the cost of expenses to raise you my child, including your education and other expenses related to you.

Or I should be sharing 50% of his office workload. Which I have never done till date.

Or I should be taking up a job giving away my choice to be a house wife having time to relax, meet up with friends, etc and instead take up stressful workloads and erratic work schedule that increases my payment, but takes away my health and life years like your father, which is one of the reason women have a longer life span than men. This I would never like.

So my child one should not look at family roles with such narrow perspective dished out by hypocrites trying to destabilize the society by using bogus gender role claims.


  1. It’s not that women get a better deal in marriage, it’s just that women don’t get married unless it’s a better deal for them. That is why you don’t see women rushing out to marry poor homeless man. Unlike men who marry for love (the fools), women view marriage as a strictly cost vs benefit transaction.

  2. Cooking, cleaning clothes, washing diapers used to take eight hours a day, full time. Men were expected to work at least 12 a day, come home exhausted and go back out the next. The amount of free time people have today is unravelled in nearly all of human history until pre-agriculture that allows us to live past 30. But now it’s all whining about women doing more work than men, but it’s the women’s choice to live in a bigger house, wash sheets every week, or cooking complicated meals. Never mind that men’s housework is physically more dangerous- roofing, repairing cars or appliances that is a bit more stressful than cleaning.

    In fact without women, men wouldn’t even need much unpaid work. An hour’s worth of cleaning once a week after cleaning up after yourself if you eat something, or laundry that takes ten minutes to set up and fold.

    I’m for housewives being payed but only after deducting rent/ utilities/ groceries etc from their pay and they are in the negative. Housewife will owe money to husband.

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