Choice to be self supported or pest

If you choose an Army man he cannot be in the house daily.

If you choose an unemployed man he cannot be expected to get regular income for your expenses.

If you choose a meek man do not expect him to be aggressive you should support him.

If you choose an aggressive man you must accept that he will do what he feels right and not be an obedient pet.

If you choose a handsome man he may get more attention than you. Don’t be jealous or suspicious.

If you choose a decision maker you have to understand he will be confident and firm on his views.

Every man is unique and good. Do not burden him with your opinions.

Do not force your man to behave the way you like.

You may not be naturally beautiful but that doesn’t mean that your man has to slog for making you look beautiful by expensive artificial treatments.

If you want to spend on looking beautiful earn it yourself.

You may like vacations so save money for it from your earnings. Do not suck resources of your man.

You may like expensive lifestyle, so earn it yourself. Do not drain out savings of your husband.

By doing this you will show that you believe in equality and not special treatment for being a women.

Be self supported and support your man not a pest who just wants to be called empowered.

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